MAGA Hot Mic: VA GOP Congressional Candidate Yesli Vega

Axios: “Spanberger rival Yesli Vega doubts pregnancy after rape”

Today’s inaugural MAGA Hot Mic moment comes from Virginia GOP congressional candidate Yesli Vega. 

In a newly released audio recording, MAGA candidate Vega implied that people who experience rape are less likely to get pregnant.

Vega’s claim is a lie that the congressional hopeful used to defend her support of an abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest. 

Read the full interaction below: 

YESLI VEGA: “The left will say, ‘Well what about in cases of rape or incest?’ I’m a law enforcement officer. I became a police officer in 2011. I’ve worked one case where as a result of a rape, the young woman became pregnant.”


QUESTION: “I’ve actually heard that it’s harder for a woman to get pregnant if she’s been raped. Have you heard that?”

VEGA: “Well, maybe because there’s so much going on in the body. I don’t know. I haven’t, you know, seen any studies. But if I’m processing what you’re saying, it wouldn’t surprise me. Because it’s not something that’s happening organically. You’re forcing it. The individual, the male, is doing it as quickly — it’s not like, you know — and so I can see why there is truth to that. It’s unfortunate.”