MAGA Hot Mic: Virginia Congressional Candidate Hung Cao

Today’s MAGA Hot Mic honor falls on GOP congressional candidate Hung Cao of Virginia.

Before the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Hung Cao made clear he supported the extreme MAGA agenda and the GOP’s war on reproductive rights, even comparing abortion access and a bill to prevent criminalizing miscarriages to Nazism. 

Washington Post: “[Cao] also has appealed to religious conservatives on issues such as abortion, saying he supports overturning Roe v. Wade and believes abortion policy is best left to states.”

Washington Post: “‘This is the most evil thing I’ve seen’…Then Cao went further: ‘The Nazis did this. They’ll take Jewish babies and just take the legs and just smash the babies and kill them. You think that can’t happen in this country?’ He didn’t respond to questions this week about the comments.”

Since the decision was made, Cao has spread lies to justify his extreme stance on abortion. 

Washington Post: “Cao inaccurately said that ‘under Governor Northam, they allow abortion all the way up to birth or even post-birth.’ Late-term abortion is illegal in Virginia unless the mother’s life is in danger. Killing infants after delivery is also illegal.”

Washington Post: “Cao pivoted to a California bill that had caused a stir in antiabortion circles, where a false narrative going viral on the internet said California Democrats wanted to decriminalize infanticide. ‘This is the most evil thing I have seen,’ Cao said, although the bill sponsor said it is intended to prevent prosecution for miscarriages or pregnancy-related deaths, not murder, of newborns.”

Cao and extreme MAGA Republicans made clear from the beginning their stance on abortion and we will not allow them to run from their record. Hung Cao owes Virginians an answer on whether he supports an abortion ban with no exceptions.