MAGA House Republicans Take Aim at Social Security and Medicare

Instead of working to support America’s working families, extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress are waging a new war on essential programs Americans rely on — proposing to cut Social Security and take steps toward ending Medicare as we know it. 

The latest extreme MAGA budget proposal from the Republican Study Committee, which represents a majority of House Republicans, would cut Social Security and take steps toward ending Medicare as we know it for America’s seniors. 

Semafor: “A new budget proposal from the largest House GOP faction is reigniting a battle over the future of Social Security and Medicare.”

“For Medicare, it would begin offering seniors assistance to help buy private health coverage that competes against government insurance plans; it would also gradually raise the Social Security eligibility age to 69 for those who aren’t close to retiring.”

MAGA House Republicans could be working to provide relief for hard working American families in their latest budget, but instead, they remain hellbent on gutting essential programs Americans rely on.

UpNorth News: “With the release of the Republican Study Committee’s budget, Republicans have ramped back up their attacks on [Medicare and Social Security]. 

“The proposed budget would make cuts to Social Security by raising the retirement age, though it does not specifically say what that new retirement age would be. Benefits would also be reduced for those who earned a ‘higher salary’ before retirement, but the budget again does not specify what that threshold would be. The budget also assures that there would only be ‘modest adjustments’ to Social Security as it operates now, but again, does not outline exactly what that means.”

But it doesn’t end there — 2024 Republicans have spent years trying to cut Social Security and Medicare. 

CNN: “Former President Donald Trump once backed raising the retirement age to 70 and called for privatizing Social Security which he called a ‘Ponzi scheme’ – two positions he has hammered Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for supporting as a former member of Congress and congressional candidate. … but a CNN KFile review found Trump himself also once praised Ryan on Medicare, along with the 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney, without praising their specific policy proposal, which called for similar changes to Ryan’s plan.”

CNN: “A CNN KFile review of comments from DeSantis’ 2012 congressional campaign found he repeatedly said he supported plans to replace Medicare with a system in which the government paid for partial costs of private plans or a traditional Medicare plan. In one interview with a local newspaper, DeSantis said he supported ‘the same thing’ for Social Security, citing the need for ‘market forces’ to restructure the program.”

Semafor: “Mike Pence isn’t running from his old fiscal conservatism. Instead, he’s seemingly leaning into it by talking about privatizing Social Security, an idea the party largely abandoned after a politically damaging push in 2005.

“‘I think the day could come where we can replace the New Deal with a Better Deal,’ he said during an interview in February. ‘Literally give younger Americans the ability to take a portion of their Social Security withholdings and put that into a private savings account that the government would oversee.’”

Associated Press: “Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is proposing changes to entitlement programs for younger generations, opening the door to potential cuts to Social Security and Medicare if elected.”

Washington Post: “Other potential entrants in the Republican primary, such as former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.) and South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem, also voted for Ryan’s [proposal to cut and privatize Medicare] when they were in Congress.”Christie: “We’re going to have to reduce Medicare benefits. We’re going to have to reduce Medicaid benefits. We’re going to have to raise the Social Security age. We’re going to have to do these things. We’re going to have to cut all types of other government programs that some people in this room might like.’”