MAGA in the States: A Steaming Crock of Chaos and Extremism

Under Trump’s leadership, MAGA Republicans’ disarray and disorganization has gotten so disastrous that they can’t even pay their own rent. As their infighting gets worse, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the Republican Party’s inability to govern comes from the top down.

Take a look at the latest:

Republican state parties across the country are strapped for cash and struggling to fill key roles in their leadership. Meanwhile, Democrats are out-fundraising Republicans and building on the strong infrastructure necessary for victory in November.

WUNC“The North Carolina Democratic Party is leading its Republican counterpart in fundraising. Both parties have new leaders but Democrats enter election season with triple what the GOP has in the bank to fund campaign efforts.

“The state political party organizations help build the infrastructure for successful campaigns. So far this election cycle, the state Democratic party has raised $5.26 million for its state and federal campaign accounts. The state Republican Party, meanwhile, has raised over $3.34 million across its accounts.

“As of the latest campaign finance reports in February, the N.C. Democratic Party had $2.44 million on hand, while the NCGOP had $871,000.”

Arizona Politics“The Arizona Republican Party confessed today to the Federal Elections Commission that they failed to report and pay rent ‘for multiple months’ in 2023 due to their ‘shortage of cash-flow and donations.’”

“The party says the lack of paid expenses was accurate. ‘Please note that the Committee had a shortage of cash-flow and donations up until the end of 2023.’”

The Providence Journal: “The Rhode Island Republican Party’s executive director has stepped down and, at least in the short term, will not be replaced.”

“State party Chairman Joe Powers Monday said the organization had ‘not put in a plan to fill the position straight away’ and would be returning to the all-volunteer arrangement that was in place from 2018 until Solorio’s hiring in 2022.

Trump’s extreme, MAGA vision for America is ripping the Republican Party apart, and there aren’t signs that things will get any better.  

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Georgia GOP leader demands vice-chair resign after he was sanctioned for illegal votes”

“The chairman of the Georgia GOP has joined other Republicans in demanding that the embattled first vice-chair of the state party resign after a judge found he violated state laws when he voted nine times while serving probation for a felony check forgery sentence.”

Inforum: “Port: The NDGOP’s civil war may be on full display in the opening hours of the party’s state convention | Opinion”

“This controversy is the latest chapter of the NDGOP’s civil war between populist insurgents, who have seized much of the power within the NDGOP’s apparatus, and the traditional “normie” Republicans who have been winning elections in North Dakota for more than three decades.”