MAGA in the States: Chaos, Infighting, and Extremism

It’s no surprise that the party led by the same guy who said there would be a “bloodbath” if he loses the election again is embroiled in chaos, extremism, disarray, and internal chaos. Totally out of touch with the American people, Trump and MAGA Republicans across the country continue to show voters that they’re utterly unfit to lead.

Take a look at the latest:

Just like the Trump operation itself, Republican state parties in critical states are sputtering and struggling for cash.  

NOTUS: Republicans Can’t Afford to Help Trump Out With His Huge Bond

“Don’t expect the Republican Party to step in just yet to help former President Donald Trump out with his financial woes: They’ve got too many problems of their own.”

“But the party can only afford to spare so much. Michigan’s GOP, which is dealing with tough fundraising, a high burn rate and internal leadership squabbles, is emblematic of a difficult, cash-strapped GOP landscape.

“The Arizona, Minnesota, Colorado, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Florida state parties have all reportedly been struggling financially. Georgia’s state party is so busy paying off its own legal bills that it’s left Gov. Brian Kemp to pick up the slack. The state Republican parties did not return NOTUS’ request for comment.”

“And that’s just the state parties. Last year was the RNC’s worst fundraising year since a decade prior, bringing in about $87 million in 2023. They started 2024 with just over $8 million cash on hand. Trump’s campaign has seen both small-donor fatigue, a critical base for him financially, and major donor hesitation.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been raking in cash. The Democratic National Committee started the year with $21 million cash on hand and brought in just under $120 million in 2023.”

MAGA Republicans know their agenda is too extreme to have anything to show for it – so they’re jumping through hoops to take credit for the accomplishments that President Biden and Democrats are delivering for the American people.

Business InsiderLauren Boebert brags about securing $20 million in funding that she voted against: ‘Can’t wait for the ribbon cuttings’

“Earlier this month, Rep. Lauren Boebert voted against a must-pass government funding bill that contained more than $20 million for the Colorado district she’s now abandoning.”

“On Monday night, she celebrated the impending arrival of that funding anyway.”

“‘Can’t wait for the ribbon cuttings and to see these priorities come to fruition,’ the congresswoman said in a release, listing 10 different projects across the state’s 3rd congressional district that are set to benefit from an influx of federal dollars.”

“Boebert was among 40 House Republicans who voted on March 6 against the so-called “minibus” — which funds vast swaths of the federal government — despite having secured federal funding for their districts.”

New Republic: MTG Dragged for Bragging About Bill She Actually Voted Against

“Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is celebrating the fact that her district received federal funds for infrastructure improvements—and conveniently ignoring the fact that she voted against the budget bill that made it all possible.” 

MAGA Republicans continue to push archaic, sexist, and racist platforms as Trump leads the charge to drag our country backward.

HuffPost: Mark Robinson’s Bizarre Ramble: ‘I Absolutely Want To Go Back To The America Where Women Couldn’t Vote’

“On Tuesday, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson won the GOP primary to become his party’s nominee for North Carolina governor, presumably with the help of female voters.”

“But just four years ago, Robinson invoked a bizarre hypothetical in which he said he’d ‘absolutely’ like to return to the days when the 19th Amendment didn’t exist ― when women didn’t have the right to vote.

“‘I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote,’ Robinson said in a newly resurfaced video of his remarks at a March 2020 event hosted by the Republican Women of Pitt County.”

“During this event, Robinson, who was running for lieutenant governor at the time, recalled someone recently asking conservative activist Candace Owens to pick which version of America would make America ‘great again,’ one where ‘Black people were swinging from cheap trees’ or one where women weren’t allowed to vote.”

“Robinson said he would definitely return to the days in America when women were denied the right to vote ‘because in those days we had people who fought for real social change, and they were called Republicans.’”

The Washington Post: N.C. GOP nominee compared Planned Parenthood, men with saggy pants to KKK

“Planned Parenthood. Men with saggy pants. People who tore down Confederate flags and monuments. The Rev. Al Sharpton.”

Mark Robinson, the GOP nominee in one of this year’s most competitive governor’s races, has declared them all comparable to or worse than the Ku Klux Klan in social media posts that have drawn little attention. The posts are part of a long record of comments ranging from provocative to bigoted that are getting more scrutiny as the campaign heats up in North Carolina — and that some Republicans worry will be a liability in a battleground state.”

Robinson’s references to the KKK, a white-supremacist group that has terrorized Black Americans, underscore the risks Republicans have taken in nominating him — a longtime factory worker who posted a wide range of insults on Facebook before he became a viral hit on the right with a speech about gun laws in 2018. He was elected lieutenant governor of North Carolina in 2020 and won the gubernatorial primary by landslide this month with former president Donald Trump’s endorsement. At a rally, Trump praised Robinson as ‘Martin Luther King on steroids.’”