MAGA in the States: Trump’s MAGA GOP Pushes Extremism As Their Party Chaos Erupts  

This week, Trump’s MAGA minions charged further through the door Donald Trump opened in overturning Roe, unleashing extreme attacks on women’s reproductive freedoms. From reproductive rights to democratic rights, MAGA GOP state parties are falling over themselves to attack their constituents, even as their voter outreach fizzles and their funding dries up. 

Take a look at the latest:

Trump’s MAGA allies in the states are taking a page out of his playbook – doing everything in their power to jeopardize women’s fundamental reproductive rights and access to care – from abortion to emergency medical care.

MSNBC: “The chilling motive behind Louisiana’s new abortion pill bill”

“Perhaps more than anything, then, the bill was intended to have a chilling effect — and not only on those who could face charges based on the new law. Physicians and pharmacies dispense mifepristone and misoprostol for many other reasons besides abortion, from miscarriage management to the treatment of ulcers. The narrowly drawn exceptions to abortion bans in states like Louisiana have already made many physicians unwilling to intervene when a pregnancy threatens a patient’s life or health. The new rules governing mifepristone and misoprostol will add new legal uncertainty that may make doctors even more afraid to act.

“The chilling effect is unlikely to be limited to physicians. Those in a patients’ support network — the most likely targets of the bill — will be affected. That will isolate patients for whom pregnancy is already a dangerous prospect, in a state with one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the nation. And many patients, aware that their use of such drugs will be tracked, will rightly fear prosecution.”

The Dallas Morning News: “Doctors decry Texas Medical Board for vague guidance on emergency abortions”

“The resounding message was clear: No one is happy about the rules that are coming nearly three years after Texas started banning the procedure civilly and criminally.” […]

“‘We’re very concerned with the documentation and administrative requirements in the proposed rule potentially hindering our Hippocratic Oath, limiting the use of our reasonable medical judgment and delaying much-needed life-saving and fertility-saving measures,’ said Dr. Joseph Valenti, a Denton OB-GYN and chair of the Texas Medical Association Board of Trustees, which is unrelated to the state board.” […]

“Fox and Valenti, the Denton OB-GYN, were among several physicians to express concern regarding the added documentation requirements, which they said added an undue burden to an already complex situation and could delay necessary care in emergencies.” […]

“The consequences under Texas’ abortion bans are potentially career-ending for medical providers, including massive fines, jail time and the loss of licenses.”

Whether it’s their ground game or the war chests, MAGA GOP state parties have little to show as they fall further into division and chaos. 

Boston Globe: “State parties play a critical role in elections — are Democrats or Republicans best positioned in 2024?”

“Republican state parties in several critical battleground states are dealing with waves of inner turmoil, ranging from leadership turnover to financial struggles.” […]

“That’s evident in the highest ranks of these state parties: In Florida, a red state, the former GOP party chair was ousted in January after he was accused of sexual assault; he denied wrongdoing and ultimately didn’t face criminal charges. In Arizona, a swing state, the former party chair resigned and accused Republican Senate candidate Kari Lake of giving him an ‘ultimatum’ that led him to do so; Lake’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment. In Nevada, another swing state, several Republicans involved in the state party, including the party chair, have been charged in a fake electors case related to the 2020 election results. They have pleaded not guilty and will not stand trial until next year.” […]

“A Globe review of Federal Election Commission records showed that as of March 31, Democratic state parties in Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, and Nevada — key battleground states — are outraising Republicans.” […]

“As GOP state parties are making headlines for struggling to keep office locations, having small account balances, and facing calls to rethink their fund-raising strategies, some Republicans are concerned that donors have been turned off, handicapping their fund-raising efforts.

“Former Nevada GOP state party chair Amy Tarkanian said she believed her state’s Republican party isn’t prepared to fulfill its responsibilities of getting the vote out and assisting candidates, citing the charges against Nevada’s state party chair and other party leaders. ‘It hurts their capabilities of fund-raising. … The trust is lacking,’ Tarkanian said.” 

The Detroit News: “Michigan GOP expects it will have to ‘clarify and correct’ fundraising reports”

“On Feb. 27, a Michigan judge found that Republican delegates had legally removed Karamo, a former secretary of state candidate, as chairwoman in a vote on Jan. 6 and elected Hoekstra, a former congressman and ambassador to the Netherlands, to replace her on Jan. 20.

“Among the reasons critics of Karamo moved to oust her were her struggles to raise money for the party, which had about $35,000 in its bank accounts in August, according to internal records reviewed by The Detroit News.

“There were also concerns about whether her administration accurately reported the party’s financial activities, such as how it funded a leadership conference on Mackinac Island last year and how it handled other expenditures, including paying a business associated with one of her political supporters.” […]

“The commission also asked the party about $113,588 in debts related to computers the party reported having for the first time at the end of 2023.”