MAGA in the States: Trump’s MAGA Minions’ Extremism on Full Display 

Once again, Trump and the MAGA Republicans’ extremism was on full display as they doubled down on their deeply unpopular and dangerous agenda. Across states, Trump’s MAGA minions push forward in their crusade to attack fundamental rights and spread dangerous, hateful rhetoric. 

Take a look at the latest:

Thanks to Donald Trump’s termination of Roe, his MAGA minions continue to strip women of their fundamental rights to reproductive health care all over the country – a nightmare Donald Trump just yesterday called “a beautiful thing to watch.” 

Salon: “‘I wasn’t dead enough for an abortion’: Texas mom blames Trump for almost losing her life”

“Texas Republicans imposed a near-total ban on abortion following the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs decision, a move that has been followed by complaints, from pregnant people and their doctors, that the prohibition is unclear on when a pregnancy can be terminated to protect a life.

“Last week, the state’s all-Republican Supreme Court rejected a legal challenge from women who said their lives were endangered as a result of complicated pregnancies that their doctors were hesitant to properly treat; the court said abortions could go ahead based on the ‘good faith judgment’ of a medical professional that an individual would be ‘unlikely to survive.’

But what if a doctor performs an abortion that a court later decides wasn’t absolutely necessary? Under current state law, that could mean a sentence of life in prison. Some Republicans want to go even further than that.”

Washington Post: “Conservative attacks on birth control could threaten access”

“Republicans in at least 17 states have blocked largely Democratic-led attempts to pass laws assuring the right to birth control since 2022, according to a Washington Post examination of legislation. Most recently, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) vetoed a bill meant to ensure access to contraceptives, saying that while he personally supports such access, he was loath to ‘trample on the religious freedoms of Virginians,’ including medical providers.

“In Missouri, state Rep. Tara Peters said she was shocked when the bill she co-sponsored to allow women to pick up a year’s worth of birth-control pills hit a wall of opposition from fellow Republicans, some of whom she said privately accused her of promoting a ‘Trojan horse’ bill to access abortion drugs. Despite the fact that birth-control pills do not cause abortions, the bill died.

“‘It was Republican men,’ Peters said. ‘It surprises me that the ones that know nothing about those types of things are the ones that are making the decisions.’”

Missouri Independent: “After Missouri banned abortion, the state saw 25% drop in OB-GYN residency applicants”

“All 14 states with abortion bans saw a decrease in OB-GYN residency applications, despite a slight overall increase in physicians applying for OB-GYN residency programs nationally, the study found. Missouri was second only to Arizona for the largest decrease in applicants.

“The need for more robust and accessible maternal health care is particularly stark in Missouri, where lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have lamented the state’s woeful maternal and infant mortality rates — among the worst in the country — and lack of maternal health care providers in nearly half of its counties.”

Idaho Statesman: “‘I can’t practice like this.’ Another OBGYN leaves Idaho over state’s strict abortion laws”

“Idaho has lost 22% of its OBGYNs since the Supreme Court decision, and hospitals say new doctors are increasingly difficult to recruit, according to data from the Idaho Medical Association. 

“‘The number of interested candidates has dropped off dramatically, and it is taking twice as long to fill positions,’ the association told the Statesman in an emailed statement. ‘Idaho is digging itself into a physician workforce hole that will take many years, if not decades, to fix.’”

Salt Lake Tribune: “Doctors are avoiding work in Utah, and researchers think this controversial policy is driving the trend”

“The number of new medical school graduates applying to Utah residency programs dropped by nearly a thousand this year, continuing a trend of health care professionals choosing to work elsewhere 

“Researchers noticed a pattern among the states experiencing the most severe losses in applicants: They had adopted restrictive abortion policies…”

“‘I really do fear for Utah’s ability to attract doctors, when, in this competitive world of medicine, they can go [practice at a hospital] where legislative bodies respect their judgment and the judgment of their patients,’ Lesser said, adding, ‘There will be delay in getting care, because if you have limited numbers of providers, and the same number of patients, which we know from our Utah population going up, that will be, I think, a real catastrophe.’”

Trump’s extreme, violent rhetoric has emboldened his MAGA minions to spew hateful, unhinged language in states across the country. From conspiracy to bigotry, MAGA Republicans continue to alienate themselves from voters by parroting Trump’s unhinged extremism. 

Advocate: “Colorado GOP calls LGBTQ+ people ‘godless groomers’ in Pride month email: ‘God hates flags’”

“The Republican Party of Colorado has called to ‘burn all Pride flags’ in a shocking Pride Month message to its followers.

“The state’s GOP recently sent out a campaign email that referred to LGBTQ+ people as ‘barbaric,’ ‘creeps,’ ‘degenerates,’ ‘godless,’ ‘groomers,’ ‘predators,’ ‘radicals,’ and ‘reprobates.’ The message also linked to a sermon from Pastor Mark Driscoll, which proclaimed in the video thumbnail ‘God hates flags,’ wordplay on a popular conservative slogan that uses a derogatory slur.

“‘These degenerates want to violate our children and their innocence,’ the message continued.

“After Clark posted the emails to social media, the official account for the Colorado GOP responded with a gif of pixelated fire and the message: ‘Burn all #pride flags this June.’”

Washington Post: “The Texas Republican Party has gone off the deep end”

“Looking for something really hair-raising to read? Check out the 50-page platform that was just adopted by the Texas Republican Party.

“Just a few of the platform’s planks: that the Bible should be taught in public schools, with chaplains on hand ‘to counsel and give guidance from a traditional biblical perspective based on Judeo-Christian principles.’ That noncitizens who are legal residents of this country should be deported if they are arrested for participating in a protest that turns violent. That name changes to military bases should be reversed to ‘publicly honor the southern heroes.’ That doctors who perform abortions should be charged with homicide. That the United States should withdraw from the United Nations and that the international organization should be removed from U.S. soil.

“Then there is this audaciously undemocratic provision: To be elected to state office, a candidate must win not only a majority of votes, but also more than half of Texas’s 254 counties. Let me translate what that means. Democrats in Texas are concentrated in a few urban areas, while Republicans are spread across the map. This system would effectively mean Democrats — who, as it is, haven’t won a statewide office since 1994 — would be shut out forever.

“Traditionally, the core mission of state parties is to do the basic work of winning elections: recruiting candidates, organizing, fundraising, registering voters. Texas Republicans, however, are on an ideological crusade to push the state further to the right and purify their own ranks, even as the state party’s coffers dry up and its donor base shrinks.”

The News and Observer: “Bishop compares Trump trial to justice system Black people faced in segregated South”

“U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop said former President Donald Trump was the victim of ‘selective’ and ‘vindictive’ prosecution that was comparable to the justice system Black people faced in the segregated South.

“‘When I say it’s rigged, it’s not just they don’t go into a fair fight, they go into a place where they know the fight is unfair,’ Bishop said. ‘It’s as bad as it was in Alabama in 1950, if a person happened to be Black, in order to get justice. And, that’s what they did in New York. So, it’s fundamentally rigged, and the people who attack me for saying so can attack all they want.’”