MAGA Malarkey: The Extremism You Missed From Republicans This Week

MAGA Republicans’ extremism, hypocrisy, chaos, and malarkey — as President Biden would call it — reached new lows this week. In case you missed it: Donald Trump is campaigning alongside Tommy Tuberville, who is blocking HUNDREDS of military nominations; DeSantis released a disastrous economic plan and doubled down on his claim that some enslaved people benefited from slavery and his endorsement of dangerous gun policies; Vivek Ramaswamy is leaning into 9/11 conspiracy theories; Tim Scott and Mike Pence are once again calling for a national abortion ban; and MAGA House Republicans’ conspiracy theories and political stunts continue to fall flat. 

Trump is campaigning alongside Tommy Tuberville, who is actively undermining our military by blocking hundreds of military promotions and nominations. Ron DeSantis also doubled down on his support for Tuberville’s blockade.

New York Times: “Senator Tommy Tuberville, a conservative from Alabama, has been single-handedly blocking hundreds of promotions for high-ranking generals and admirals since February, refusing to relent unless the Defense Department scraps a policy — instituted after the Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortion last year — offering time off and travel reimbursement to service members who need to go out of state for abortions.”

Alabama Today: “U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville to introduce President Donald Trump in Montgomery on Friday”

Bret Baier: “Do you support Senator Tommy Tuberville from Alabama blocking the military promotions for Pentagon policy, abortion policy?”

DeSantis: “I do, because I think the Pentagon’s violating the law.”

CBS News: “GOP Sen. Tuberville’s hold on nominations could cause armed forces to ‘lose talent,’ nominee for top military officer says”

CNN: “Republican block leaves major branch of US military without a confirmed leader for first time in over a century”

Washington Post: “Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said a Republican senator’s delay of the quick approval of nearly 200 military promotions poses a ‘clear risk’ to the nation’s military readiness and directly affects the lives of service members’ families.”

DeSantis’s extreme MAGA agenda was on full display again this week, as DeSantis pledged to sign a bill allowing concealed carry of permitted firearms nationwide, unveiled his economic agenda in spite of his disastrous economic record in Florida, and doubled down on insisting some enslaved people benefited from slavery.

WMUR: “Would you, as president, sign a bill that would allow for national concealed carry of permitted firearms for responsible gun owners?

DeSantis: “Yes.”

Politico: “Rising cost of living in not quite so free Florida”

CBS News: “Florida is the least affordable place to live in the U.S.”

CNN: “Florida is now America’s inflation hotspot”

Florida Politics: “Ron DeSantis continues defiant defense of Florida curriculum claiming slavery benefited the enslaved”

Vivek Ramaswamy continued to show how deeply unserious he is, refusing to denounce Florida’s radical education curriculum regarding slavery and leaning into 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Vivek Ramaswamy: “Obviously, we should be teaching kids about the awful legacy of slavery, but even more importantly, we are not teaching them enough about the ideals that actually do define this country. Personally, I think the deeper problem in our schools today is many of them teaching young Black kids, students, and minorities that they are oppressed based on the color of their skin or their genetic attributes. That’s the real psychological slavery in the present and that’s what I have the biggest problem with.”

Politico: “Ramaswamy: I ‘don’t believe’ the 9/11 Commission report”

Fox News: “Vivek Ramaswamy on 9/11: ‘I don’t believe the government has told us the truth’”

Members of the 2024 Republican primary field — including Tim Scott and Mike Pence — reiterated their commitment to ripping away women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions nationwide. 

Tim Scott: “Republicans should not be retreating on life. We need a national 15-week limit to stop blue states from pushing abortion on demand. @sbaprolife defends the most fundamental right: life. Without life, nothing else matters. It’s not a special interest. It’s the only interest.”

Mike Pence: “When I am President, #ProLife Americans will have a champion in the White House! In the Dobbs decision, the question of abortion was returned to the states AND the American people. I will always champion protections for the unborn in states across the Country and in our Nation’s Capital! 🇺🇸

James Comer and House Republicans are tripping over themselves as their phony partisan investigations continue to crumble.

Washington Post: “Consider the first words out of Comer’s mouth in that interview with Hannity: ‘Every day this bribery scandal becomes more credible.’ In fact, Archer’s testimony pointed precisely in the opposite direction. That’s the pattern here. Comer and Jordan and others hype claims of Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s work only to see those claims collapse as more information is made public.”

Washington Post: “Despite Comer’s claim, though, the allegation is not becoming more credible every day. In fact, it is no more credible now than it was in early May, when Comer and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) first introduced it.”