MAGA Mike Monday: Chaos Continues in the Clown Conference 

Happy Monday and welcome to another week of MAGA Mike Johnson marching in lockstep with Donald Trump by using the People’s House as a personal stage for Trump’s campaign sequel. This week, Mike Johnson is asking Republicans behind closed doors to be nicer to him online, while MAGA Members continue to put their loyalty to Donald Trump ahead of their loyalty to the American people. 

Here’s what MAGA Mike has gotten up to as of this Monday, but let’s be clear: If it’s a day ending in “y,” Johnson is hard at work turning the People’s House into an arm of Trump’s presidential campaign instead of delivering on the issues Americans care about. 

DNC National Press Secretary Sarafina Chitika released the following statement:

“After wrapping up the most unproductive Congress since the Great Depression, the House GOP is struggling to do the basics this session. As usual, House Republicans are more focused on middle school-level antics and serving as lackeys for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign than doing their job on behalf of everyday Americans.” 

The chaos conference is obstructing routine procedural votes as MAGA Mike asks his colleagues to stop cyber-bullying him.

Johnson took to the airwaves last week to defend Trump’s horrific comments about immigrants “poisoning the blood of our country.”

The Messenger: Speaker Johnson Insists Trump’s Immigrant ‘Blood Poisoning’ Attack Is ‘Not Hateful’

Newsweek: On CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, host Margaret Brennan asked House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, “When President Trump says immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country, is that a statement you agree with?”

Johnson, a staunch Trump supporter, replied: “That’s not language I would use, but I understand the urgency of President Trump’s admonition. He’s been saying this since he ran for president the first time, that we have to secure the border and I think the vast majority of the American people understand the necessity of that and I think they agree with his position.”

The Hill: Brennan then sought to clarify if Trump’s statement “goes beyond” what the Speaker is personally comfortable with, to which he said, ” It’s not language I would use. But…understand-”

“Cause it sounds hateful,” Brennan interjected.

“Well, it’s not hateful,”’ Johnson shot back. 

Meanwhile, MAGA Mike still refuses to confirm that President Biden won the 2020 election.

Politico: House Speaker Mike Johnson called suggestions that he is an election denier “nonsense,” but refused to affirm that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election during an interview that aired Sunday.

Vanity Fair: “President Biden was certified as the winner of the election, he took the oath of office, he’s been the president for three years,” Johnson told Brennan, while repeatedly maintaining that the Constitution was “clearly violated” during the election.

“The Constitution was violated in the run-up to the 2020 election, not always in bad faith, but in the aftermath of Covid, many states changed their election laws in ways that violated that plain language,” Johnson argued. “That’s just a fact.” 

It’s no surprise, since Johnson was more than willing to help Trump try to overturn the results of the 2020 election. 

New York Times: Johnson Played Leading Role in Effort to Overturn 2020 Election

A constitutional lawyer, Mr. Johnson was also a key architect of Republicans’ objections to certifying Mr. Biden’s victory on Jan. 6, 2021. Many Republicans in Congress relied on his arguments.

Mr. Johnson also falsely claimed the election was “rigged.”

CNN: Johnson also sent an email from a personal email account in 2020 to every House Republican soliciting signatures for an amicus brief in the longshot Texas lawsuit seeking to invalidate electoral college votes from multiple states.

Politico: A relatively junior House Republican at the time, Johnson was nevertheless the leading voice in support of a fateful position: that the GOP should rally around Donald Trump and object to counting electoral votes submitted by at least a handful of states won by Joe Biden….

A review of the chaotic weeks between Trump’s defeat at the polls on Nov. 3, 2020, and the Jan. 6 Capitol attack shows that Johnson led the way in shaping legal arguments that became gospel among GOP lawmakers who sought to derail Biden’s path to the White House — even after all but the most extreme options had elapsed.