MAGA Mike Monday: Johnson Fundraises Off of Biden’s Infrastructure Bill, After Voting No at Trump’s Behest

Happy Monday and welcome to another week of MAGA Mike Johnson marching in lockstep with Donald Trump by using the People’s House as a personal stage for Trump’s campaign sequel. Today, MAGA Mike is in Florida to tout new investments for a Florida airport, delivered by President Biden’s historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The catch? Mike Johnson voted against those funds, and he’s endorsed Trump, who has been clear he would roll back the president’s key legislative accomplishments if given the chance. The hypocrisy knows no bounds. 

Here’s what MAGA Mike has gotten up to as of this Monday, but let’s be clear: If it’s a day ending in “y,” Johnson is hard at work turning the People’s House into an arm of Trump’s presidential campaign instead of delivering on the issues Americans care about. 

DNC National Press Secretary Sarafina Chitika released the following statement:

“MAGA Republicans just can’t stop taking credit for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law they voted against. With his fundraising field trip to Florida, Mike Johnson became the latest of Trump’s MAGA minions to take a victory lap on a project made possible by President Biden – and bill he voted against. Instead of supporting legislation that’s putting Americans to work in good-paying jobs rebuilding America’s airports, roads, bridges, and more, Johnson marched alongside the extreme MAGA movement to vote against it. We only wish MAGA Mike displayed the same eagerness to tout President Biden’s infrastructure law two years ago when he and his MAGA colleagues voted against bipartisan progress.”

Despite voting against the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law like Trump called on MAGA Republicans to do, Johnson is fundraising at an airport today to take a victory lap for improvements he voted against – and has President Biden to thank for. 

NBC News: “In Biden’s first two years, Johnson voted against a slew of bipartisan bills — including one to establish a Jan. 6 independent commission, the infrastructure law, reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, a modest new gun law and the CHIPS and Science Act.”

Jake Sherman, Punchbowl News:  “@SpeakerJohnson will be at the Sarasota airport tomorrow with @VernBuchanan

JOHNSON is in Sarasota for a fundraiser at Vern Buchanan’s home in Longboat Key.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: “Sarasota Bradenton International Airport will build a new concourse ground boarding facility with the help of $10 million in federal funds. The Biden Administration on Thursday announced the first $1 billion in federal funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which will be used to improve airport terminals across the country.” 

New reporting exposed MAGA Mike for his extreme record and outlandish hopes of taking his out-of-touch agenda of banning abortion, contraception, same-sex marriage, and more even further – which were uncovered right after he met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago last week.

CNN: “Mike Johnson’s America: Revisit landmark SCOTUS decisions and use government to ‘restrain evil’”

“Mike Johnson, the new speaker of the House, voiced support for revisiting Supreme Court decisions that struck down restrictions on the use of contraception, barred bans on gay sex and legalized same sex marriages. … CNN’s review of more than 100 of Johnson’s interviews, speeches and public commentary spanning his decades-long career as a lawmaker and attorney paints a picture of his governing ideals: Imprisoning doctors who perform abortions after six weeks; the Ten Commandments prominently displayed in public buildings; an elimination of anti-hate-crime laws; Bible study in public schools.”

The Hill: “Trump, Mike Johnson meet at Mar-a-Lago”

CNN: “The meeting at the former president’s Florida resort comes nearly a week after the newly minted speaker publicly endorsed Trump’s 2024 bid for the White House, becoming the highest-ranking Republican so far to do so.”

As Trump doubles down on his plan to “terminate” the Affordable Care Act, remember that Johnson has repeatedly supported efforts to rip away health care coverage from millions of Americans.

Daily Beast: “Trump Revives Plan to Dismantle Obamacare if Elected in 2024”

The Messenger: “Former President Donald Trump said he is ‘seriously looking at alternatives’ to Obamacare in a new post on his social media platform Truth Social. He also called it a ‘low point for the Republican Party’ that lawmakers failed to ‘terminate’ the health insurance program established by the Affordable Care Act. According to the latest figures this year, more than 40 million Americans rely on the program for those who can’t afford private plans.”

Protect Our Care: “Under the leadership of Speaker Mike Johnson, Republicans will undoubtedly double down on their war on health care and their radical agenda of undermining the Affordable Care Act, slashing Medicare and Medicaid, and hiking drug and health insurance costs. Since taking office in 2017, Johnson has fought to repeal the Affordable Care Act and has worked to rip away protections for 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions. He led the push for a Republican Study Committee plan that would roll back Medicaid expansion, supports cuts to Medicare and Social Security, threatening the health and well-being of our nation’s seniors, and he supports a nationwide abortion ban. Johnson has spent the last four years fighting legislation to lower drug costs in order to keep Big Pharma’s profits high.”

As long as MAGA Mike Johnson continues to be Trump’s top minion in Congress, here’s your reminder that he’s in lockstep with Trump about pushing an extreme, anti-freedom agenda.

New York Times: “In Congress, Mr. Johnson has voted for a national abortion ban and co-sponsored a 20-week abortion ban, earning him an A-plus rating from the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. After the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade in June last year, he celebrated.”

Common Dreams: “During his tenure as chair of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) between 2019 and 2021, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) helped craft budget resolutions that called for roughly $2 trillion in Medicare cuts, $3 trillion in Medicaid and Affordable Care Act cuts, and $750 billion in Social Security Cuts, noted Bobby Kogan of the Center for American Progress.”

CNN: “‘The new speaker has made it clear he’s not a friend to seniors, Social Security or Medicare,’ said Max Richtman, CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare. ‘His answer to Social Security’s long-range solvency is cutting benefits.’”

NPR: “For his part, Johnson’s effort to help overturn the election is well documented. A constitutional lawyer by trade, Johnson wrote the supporting brief on behalf of House Republicans asking the Supreme Court to block the Electoral College certification in certain key states Joe Biden won. The court rejected the case. Johnson also voted against certifying the 2020 election in the House.”