MAGA Party Bearhugs Alex Jones

Just in case there was any doubt about where the MAGA Republican Party is at — Kevin McCarthy’s new protégé, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, rallied around Alex Jones after a jury of his peers held Alex Jones liable for spreading vile conspiracy theories after the Sandy Hook shooting.

After the verdict, Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted “all he did was speak words.”

McCarthy has promised to elevate Marjorie Taylor Greene if Republicans gain control:

Associated Press: “Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene rises from GOP fringe to front”

MSNBC: “At Trump’s Arizona rally over the weekend, Greene also briefly spoke to reporters and was asked about whether GOP leaders have told her she’d be assigned to the Oversight committee. ‘[I]t’s something we’ve discussed,’ she replied. ‘I’ve also discussed it with James Comer who is the Republican lead on the committee right now. It’s been mentioned quite a few times. Very excited about it.’”

CNN: “McCarthy says he’d put Greene and Gosar back on committees if Republicans win House”

Greene isn’t the only Republican who has embraced Alex Jones. Donald Trump praised Jones and said his “reputation is amazing.” 

The Washington Post: “But as Jones’s false claims and rants launched him into the national political dialogue, his ascent has arguably been solidified, thanks to Donald Trump and Joe Rogan embracing Jones and endorsing his ideas to online audiences of millions of people in recent years. Jones’s 2015 interview with Trump offered a window into some of the future president’s talking points at his rallies. ‘Your reputation is amazing,’ Trump told Jones at the time.”

Ohio Republican Senate nominee J.D. Vance also embraced Alex Jones calling him “a far more reputable source of information than Rachel Maddow.” 

Kentucky Senator and conspiracy theorist Rand Paul even went so far as to join Alex Jones on his show after his harassment of Sandy Hook families.

Media Matters: “Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul appeared on the program of leading conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to ask viewers to ‘call the Republican National Committee’ and tell them ‘it’s not fair to exclude me from the debate.’”