MAGA Republicans Are Lying And Scaremongering With Fake Election Denier Conspiracy Theories After Refusing To Secure the Border

In response to Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson spreading more scaremongering election denial nonsense after falling in line with Donald Trump’s demands to tank the bipartisan border deal, DNC Rapid Response Director Alex Floyd released the following statement: 

“Donald Trump and MAGA Mike Johnson refused to solve the real issue of securing our border – tanking the toughest and fairest border deal in decades for their own political gain – so now they’re resorting to the tried and true MAGA tactic of making up conspiracy theories instead. Johnson and Trump keep spewing disproven falsehoods even while Johnson himself admitted today that he has no proof to back up his unfounded claims. All this fearmongering shows is that MAGA Republicans are not serious about border security – but they are ready to once again threaten our democracy after trying (and failing) to overturn the last election.”

Speaker MAGA Mike Johnson admitted he can’t prove that non-citizens are voting in federal elections while pushing repeatedly debunked election denial lies and introducing a bill to ban non-citizens from voting in federal elections – even though it is already illegal.

Johnson: “We all know, intuitively, that a lot of illegals are voting in federal elections. But it’s not been something that’s easily provable. We don’t have that number.”

Associated Press: “Noncitizen voting isn’t an issue in federal elections, regardless of conspiracy theories”

NPR: “Republicans aim to stop noncitizen voting in federal elections. It’s already illegal”

CNN: “Johnson raises baseless concerns on noncitizen voting”

USA Today: “Speaker Mike Johnson said noncitizen voting is a ‘threat.’ The facts say otherwise”

REMINDER: Trump urged Johnson and MAGA Republicans to tank the bipartisan border deal – and his MAGA minions fell in line.

Vox: “Trump made this clear when he reportedly urged Republicans in Congress to turn against the bipartisan Senate border security bill scheduled for a vote Wednesday so that he could keep the issue alive through the presidential election. His supporters have largely fallen in line.”

New York Times: “Republicans Against Border Enforcement”

Rolling Stone: “Border Patrol Supports ‘Strong’ Immigration Deal. Republicans Don’t Care”

Trump: “Please blame it on me.”

Trump: “I think [Republicans] are making a terrible mistake if they vote for the bill.”

CNN: “The border compromise would represent a dramatic change of immigration law on lines many Republicans have long supported.”

CNN: “Trump, who is hoping to make immigration a key plank of his presidential campaign, has suggested on Truth Social that approving additional resources for the border would make Republicans ‘look bad.’”

Johnson called the bipartisan border security bill “dead on arrival” – despite repeatedly calling for action to secure the border and saying it “is a job for Congress.”

Johnson: “Our immigration system is broken. Reforming that system is a job for Congress.”

Johnson: “The crisis at our southern border has deteriorated to such an extent that significant action can wait no longer.”

Johnson: “I do think it’s past time to secure the border.”

Two-thirds of Americans support the bipartisan border security deal that Trump directed MAGA Republicans to reject.

Navigator Research: “Two in Three Americans Support the Bipartisan Immigration Deal”

“Two in three Americans supported the bipartisan immigration deal reached in the Senate, but that will not be taken up for a vote in the House… On the Republican approach to the recent immigration package, Americans’ greatest concerns are that they are focused on the wrong issues and playing politics.

“The immigration deal earns support across party lines, including among three in four Republicans (net +58; 74 percent support –16 percent oppose), two in three independents (net +48; 64 percent support – 16 percent oppose), and three in five Democrats (net +32; 59 percent support – 27 percent oppose).”

Third Way: “Voters like the deal, both as a whole and individual components… Across the board, both swing and base voters are remarkably aligned in favor of the big security components of the deal… It’s not just the tough on the border policies that voters like—they also understand that a major piece of restoring order must be providing orderly pathways for people to come to this country in other ways.” 

Johnson has repeatedly spread 2020 election conspiracy theories and was a key “architect” of the effort to overturn the 2020 election results.

Washington Post: “Johnson played one of the most significant roles of any member of Congress in the effort to overturn the election.”

HuffPost: “Johnson, a former lawyer, led an amicus brief signed by over 100 Republican members of Congress backing a flawed Texas lawsuit that asked the Supreme Court to overturn the 2020 election. He also played a key role in crafting the rationale that many of his GOP colleagues used in justifying their votes to throw out the 2020 election results ― even just hours after the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.”

Trump is still pushing baseless lies about his loss by over 7 million votes in the 2020 election and refusing to commit to accepting the results of this November’s election.

Interviewer: “There have been other close races and men have said, ‘listen, for the betterment of the country, we’re going to move on, we’re going to accept the results of the election.’ Would that have been the right course of action?”

Trump: “No, it would’ve been a terrible thing.”

Interviewer: “Would you accept the results of this election?”

Trump: *refuses to say yes*

Associated Press: “[Trump] is flooding the airwaves and his social media platform with distortions, misinformation and unfounded conspiracy theories about his defeat.”

NBC News: “Re-litigating the 2020 election, repeating false claims it was stolen and casting aspersions on the security of mail voting remain major fixtures for [Trump] on the stump. … He regularly refers to the 2020 election as ‘rigged’ on his social media channels.”

Associated Press: “Trump, running for the White House for the third time, has signaled that the 2020 election will remain an integral part of his 2024 presidential bid.”