MAGA Republicans Continue to Push Abortion Restrictions to Dangerous Extremes

Republican leaders are making it clear that they have no issue undermining the rights of the American people and are going all in, spending thousands to push their extremist anti-choice MAGA agenda. Now, Republicans are going even further and pushing for restrictions on interstate travel for pregnant women. 

Make no mistake: For MAGA Republicans, overturning Roe is just the beginning. Now they are pushing to block patients from crossing state lines.

Washington Post: “Antiabortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines”

Washington Post: “The National Association of Christian Lawmakers, an antiabortion organization led by Republican state legislators, has begun working with the authors of the Texas abortion ban to explore model legislation that would restrict people from crossing state lines for abortions, said Texas state representative Tom Oliverson (R), the charter chair of the group’s national legislative council.”

Republicans like Mike Pence are all in, and spending thousands to highlight their dangerous and extremist anti-choice agenda: 

Axios: “Former Vice President Mike Pence is expanding his involvement in the anti-abortion movement’s work ahead of the 2022 midterms, contributing $500,000 to an existing multimillion-dollar ad campaign run by the largest national anti-abortion group, Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.” 

Mike Pence: “Now that Roe v. Wade has been consigned to the ash heap of history, a new arena in the cause of life has emerged, and it is incumbent on all who cherish the sanctity of life to resolve that we will take the defense of the unborn and the support for women in pregnancy resource centers to every state in America.”