MAGA Republicans’ Economic Plans Could Threaten Good-Paying American Jobs 

Today’s jobs report showed that 236,000 jobs were created last month, and it’s a stark reminder that House Republicans’ proposals could threaten American manufacturing job growth, cut essential programs middle class families rely on, and add trillions to the national debt while giving handouts to the ultra-wealthy and big corporations. 

MAGA Republicans’ proposals could stunt the growth of American manufacturing jobs made possible by President Biden and Democrats, making us less competitive with China.

CNBC: “Inflation Reduction Act has spurred 100,000 new green jobs so far: Here’s where they are”

Bloomberg: “The [House Freedom Caucus] also is demanding an end to Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, rescinding unspent Covid funds, and rescinding both the $80 billion expansion of the Internal Revenue Service enacted last year and climate change spending from the Inflation Reduction Act.

American Independent: “House Republicans want to repeal Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. Voters do not.”

And they’re not stopping there – MAGA Republicans have also suggested making cuts to essential programs working families rely on including law enforcement, health care, and more. 

Washington Post: “If funds at the Department of Health and Human Services are cut, for example, it would have less money for its 988 suicide crisis hotline, potentially diminishing its ability to respond, the agency told lawmakers recently. At the Justice Department, officials warned about ‘significant furloughs’ at the FBI and other key law enforcement agencies, including those that focus on intercepting fentanyl, a GOP priority. Cuts at the Federal Aviation Administration, that agency said, might mean it struggles to retain air traffic controllers, potentially snarling travel.”

New York Times: “The largest remaining category involves health care spending that benefits lower- and middle-income families, including from Medicaid and Obamacare. Hard-right Republicans, like some in the Freedom Caucus, have signaled they will propose reductions to these programs. Party leaders, for their part, have said they would eye cuts to anti-poverty programs such as food stamps.”

Politico: “Senior Republicans in the House and Senate are proposing deep cuts to Medicaid as talks around reducing the deficit intensify ahead of a budget showdown between President Joe Biden and House leaders.”

USA Today: “At CPAC, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz calls for abolishing FBI, CDC, other federal agencies”

MSNBC: “House Republican calls for defunding Homeland Security department”

Roll Call: “Trump comment adds fuel to House [Republicans’] push to cut DOJ funds”

And as Republicans turn their backs on hard-working Americans, MAGA Republicans in Congress have proposed plans that could add over $3 trillion to the national debt with tax cuts and other giveaways skewed toward the extremely wealthy and large corporations. 

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: “IRS Funding Repeal Could Cost Over $100 Billion, Encourage Tax Cheating”

Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget: “CBO estimates that extending the individual income and estate tax provisions that are set to expire after 2025 would cost $2.2 trillion through 2032; also extending business tax provisions that are set to expire or become less generous would increase the cost to $2.7 trillion.”

Under President Biden’s leadership, we’ve created over 12 million jobs and seen the two strongest years of job growth on record – and MAGA Republicans’ plans prove they’re hellbent on risking our economic recovery.