MAGA Republicans Use Their Majority to Carry Out Trump’s Bidding

House Republicans are spending their time in the majority carrying Donald Trump’s water, taking their marching orders from Marjorie Taylor Greene, and executing baseless political stunts. 

It’s no surprise the MAGA House Republican majority is under Trump’s command – from weaponizing hearings to baseless attacks, the House GOP has been wasting the American people’s time. 

CNN: “Donald Trump continues to wield enormous power on Capitol Hill as House Republicans seek to curry favor with the former president, pursuing his fixations through their investigations and routinely updating him and his closest advisers on their progress.

“A number of top House GOP lawmakers have disclosed in recent days their efforts to keep the former president informed on the pace and substance of their investigations. Lines of communication appear to go both ways. Not only are Trump, his aides and close allies regularly apprised of Republicans’ committee work, they also at times exert influence over it, multiple people familiar with the talks tell CNN.

“The constant, and sometimes direct, communication between Trump and the committees has emerged as a crucial method for Trump to shape Republicans’ priorities in their newly-won House majority. It also underscores the extraordinary sway an ex-president still holds over his party’s lawmakers and the deference many still afford him.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene is leading the charge in the Republican conference, keeping Trump “plugged in at all times.”

CNN: “GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who serves on the House Oversight Committee, which is conducting a number of investigations into President Joe Biden, also speaks to Trump on a frequent basis. Both she and Stefanik have endorsed Trump’s 2024 presidential bid and are said to be interested in serving as his running mate.

‘I keep him up on everything that we’re doing,’ Greene told CNN. ‘He seems very plugged in at all times. Sometimes I’m shocked at how he knows all these things. I’m like, ‘How do you know all this stuff?’”