MAGA Won Yesterday’s Primaries

Yesterday’s primaries proved what we already knew: in their desperate attempt for power, Republicans have fully surrendered their party to the most extreme wing. From anti-choice extremists who want to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape and incest, to January 6 rioters, to Republicans who support Rick Scott’s plan to end the guarantee of Social Security and Medicare, the MAGA agenda is winning. President Biden said it best: this isn’t your father’s Republican Party anymore.

From Idaho to Pennsylvania and North Carolina, Republican primary winners have shown how extreme they are – pushing Donald Trump’s Big Lie, calling to overturn the election, and supporting abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest:

CBS News: “In a televised debate last week, Mastriano said he supports banning abortion from conception, with no exceptions. He called abortion ‘the No. 1 issue’ and pointed to the ‘heartbeat’ bill that he has sponsored, which effectively bans abortion at six weeks.”


CNN: “Trump-backed 2020 election denier wins GOP primary for Pennsylvania governor”

Washington Post: “Victories by Mastriano, Budd show potency of Trump’s false stolen election claims in GOP”

But make no mistake: Across the board, Republicans are running on Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda.

ABC News: “In primaries so far, Trump hasn’t always gotten his way. But there’s no discernible room in the GOP for never-Trump candidates — or even, to date, much room for candidates who will flatly state that the election of 2020 wasn’t stolen and that investigations looking back at it are irrelevant or dangerous. Trump isn’t winning everything this primary season. That’s not to say, though, that MAGA is losing.”

Roll Call’s Nathan Gonzales: “The success/failure of Trump’s endorsed candidates is a poor litmus test of Trump’s influence within the Republican Party because almost all the GOP candidates are running on a Trump message/platform. This is still Trump’s GOP whether his endorsed candidate win or not.”

Republicans keep proving just how wildly out of touch they are and how much is at stake in November.

Washington Post Opinion: “Scott’s plan would also sunset — eliminate — all federal legislation over five years, under the (risky) assumption that worthy laws would be reenacted. That could mean an end to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, everything else mentioned above — and potentially more.”

NBC News: “With trigger laws in 13 states poised to go into effect if the Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade, a new era of restricted access to birth control could unfold in states that narrowly define when life begins, legal experts say.”