MAGA YEAR IN REVIEW: Dysfunction, Destitution, and Defeat

In the year since President Biden launched his reelection campaign, GOP state parties across the country are spiraling into chaos and dysfunction  just like their leader Donald Trump as they fall in line behind his unpopular and extreme MAGA agenda. As GOP state parties across the country succumb to constant infighting, struggle to raise money to build on their bare bones ground game, and reel from loss after loss, the split screen between the MAGA GOP and the Democratic Party couldn’t be clearer. 

Let’s take a look back at the last year of MAGA GOP dysfunction in the states:

MAGA Republicans have been embroiled in their own internal battles, leadership implosions, and chaos. It makes you wonder – how can they expect to lead a country when they can’t even lead themselves?

Politico: “‘Everything has fallen off a cliff’: Battleground state GOPs nosedive in Trump era

Associated Press: “Internal conflicts and power struggles have become hallmarks of the modern GOP

MLive: “Chairwoman Kristina Karamo pledged to unify the Michigan Republican Party. So in late August the party’s general counsel, Dan Hartman, proposed a ‘peace summit’ to heal a rift in the Kalamazoo County Republican Party.

“It failed spectacularly.”

The Wall Street Journal: “Under normal conditions, the state party might be celebrating and focusing on the 2024 presidential contest in the battleground state.

“Instead, Georgia Republicans are locked in a civil war stemming from former President Donald Trump’s narrow 2020 loss in the state.

PBS NewsHour: “Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jeff DeWit resigned Wednesday after he could be heard in a leaked recording offering a job and asking U.S. Senate candidate Kari Lake to name a price that would keep her out of politics.

“DeWit’s departure shakes up the Republican Party in a battleground state that will feature prominently in the battle for control of the White House and the U.S. Senate in the November election.”

GOP state parties have been strapped for cash, with some unable to pay for the basic necessities to maintain what little ground game they have left. 

CBS News: “Draft report alleges Michigan GOP is more than half a million dollars in debt

Newsweek: “North Carolina GOP Owes $72k in Debt After Burning Through Cash

RawStory: “According to the latest filings with the Federal Election Commission, the Republican Party of Minnesota has just $53.81 in the bank — not even enough money to buy a single Amazon Fire tablet with Prime Day discounts applied. By contrast, the party is reporting almost $334,000 in debts.”

Arizona Mirror: “When Jeff DeWit took the reins of the Arizona Republican Party in January, the party had more than $152,000 in its federal campaign account. Seven months later, the AZGOP has burned through more than 90% of those cash reserves and doesn’t have enough money to pay its bills.”

“‘If this keeps up, it’s inevitable they’ll go broke,’ said Chris Baker, a Scottsdale-based political consultant whose clients include U.S. Rep. David Schweikert.”

NOTUS: “Republicans Can’t Afford to Help Trump Out With His Huge Bond”

“Don’t expect the Republican Party to step in just yet to help former President Donald Trump out with his financial woes: They’ve got too many problems of their own.”

“The Arizona, Minnesota, Colorado, North Carolina, Massachusetts and Florida state parties have all reportedly been struggling financially.”

Speaking of infrastructure, GOP outreach centers across the nation have shuttered – and some interesting businesses have taken over their leases.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Shuttered GOP outreach center now home to shop selling sex toys

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “RNC’s former Hispanic outreach center in Milwaukee soon to become an ice cream shop

The Nevada Independent: “In 2020 and 2022, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Nevada GOP made a well-publicized push to attract voters of color by opening several minority outreach centers in the Las Vegas Valley and across other swing states.”

“The AAPI outreach center in Spring Valley is now a vape shop called ‘Vape Ape,’ which an employee told an Indy reporter had opened in the past year. The former Hispanic Voices for Trump location in East Las Vegas is now a Spanish-speaking church, and a Black Voices for Trump outpost has been replaced by a chiropractic practice and a small business selling refrigerated trailers and boxes.”

San Antonio Current: “The Republican National Committee has shuttered a South San Antonio office it opened in 2021 as part of its much-trumpeted effort to court Latinx voters after Donald Trump’s unexpectedly strong 2020 performance in South Texas, according to the San Antonio Report.”

The consequences of the GOP’s disarray are playing out in special election after special election, in which Democrats have come out victorious as voters reject Donald Trump and his minion’s extreme, anti-freedom agenda.

Alabama Reflector: “Democratic candidate Marilyn Lands, who campaigned on ending Alabama’s near-total abortion ban and protecting access to contraception and in vitro fertilization, won a special election Tuesday for a Huntsville-area state House seat.”

ABC News: “Former Rep. Tom Suozzi will win back his old House seat in Tuesday’s special election in New York’s 3rd Congressional District, ABC News projects — extending his party’s largely winning record in such races and further whittling down Republicans’ tiny majority in the chamber.”

“Suozzi’s projected victory is the latest sign that the Democratic enthusiasm sparked by former President Donald Trump after 2016, which escalated after the scrapping of constitutional abortion protections in 2022, is alive and well heading into November — and members of both parties took note.”

Daily Pennyslvanian: “Democrat Jim Prokopiak defeated Republican candidate Candace Cabanas in a Pennsylvania House of Representatives special election, giving Democrats a narrow majority in the chamber.”

“One of Prokopiak’s main campaign issues was protecting abortion rights, and he was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC. He had previously said that the winner of the special election ‘would be the deciding vote to pass’ or block legislation restricting abortion in Pennsylvania.”

NBC News: “Democrats won a pair of special state House elections in Michigan on Tuesday, regaining their majority in the chamber — and their trifecta across state government in the crucial battleground state.”

“Xiong and Herzberg both emphasized their support for reproductive rights during their campaigns. Democrats frequently attacked Powell for having said he opposes all abortion care ‘without exception’ and for having suggested he’d try to repeal the state’s abortion protections. Singer focused his campaign on economic issues.”