Majority Of Voters Oppose Trump’s Push To Reopen Schools Without Ensuring It Can Be Done Safely

New polls show that a majority of voters and parents aren’t on Trump’s side when it comes to pushing schools to reopen with no concern for ensuring it can be done safely.

Trump continues to push for schools to reopen, even in areas seeing massive COVID-19 spikes and despite having no plan to ensure it can be done safely.

CBS News: “Trump says school districts are making a ‘terrible decision’ if they don’t reopen”

Washington Post: “President Trump has vowed that the nation’s schools must reopen for the fall semester, but neither he nor his administration has detailed a plan for how to do so safely.”

The overwhelming majority of parents say it is risky to reopen schools.

Axios: “Seven in 10 American parents overall see it as risky for schools to reopen in the fall, including majorities across partisan lines.”

A majority of voters oppose Trump pushing all schools to fully reopen.

Politico: “A majority of voters oppose the Trump administration’s demand that K-12 schools and day care centers be fully opened for in-person instruction during the coming academic year, according to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll… Fifty-three percent of voters say they are somewhat or strongly opposed to fully reopening day cares or K-12 schools, while a slightly smaller 50 percent say they are opposed to fully reopening colleges and universities.”