Many National Park Service Sites Are Closed, But One Isn’t – The Old Post Office Tower At The Trump Hotel

While many national parks across the country are closed because of the Trump Shutdown, the one National Park Service site that directly affects Trump will soon reopen.

The National Park Service was forced to close many of the nation’s most popular parks because of the Trump Shutdown.

USA Today: “As the nation enters the holiday weekend under a federal government shutdown, many of its most popular national parks and attractions will either be closed or partially closed.”

Trump’s D.C. Hotel will see its National Park Service site reopen this week at the Old Post Office Tower.

E&E News: “President Trump’s last-minute demands for billions in border wall funding triggered the partial federal government shutdown that closed national parks and facilities late last month — but his namesake hotel in the nation’s capital will see its own National Park Service site reopen this week.”