McCarthy Runs to the Right to Save His Speaker Bid

FIVE House Republicans have come out publicly to oppose Kevin McCarthy’s bid for speaker of the House. And now? An exclusive interview with the far-right outlet Newsmax — where McCarthy made another last-ditch attempt to appease the most extreme elements of his caucus to try and win their support.

Kevin McCarthy is running to the right and trying to boost his MAGA bona fides on Newsmax as he continues to court the most extreme factions of his caucus.

Fox News: “5 Republicans publicly oppose McCarthy’s speakership bid, putting ascension to leadership role in jeopardy”

CNN: “McCarthy tries to boost his conservative bona fides as pro-Trump lawmakers threaten his speaker bid”

Let’s be clear — even IF McCarthy were t0 become speaker, we know who would really be calling the shots: Marjorie Taylor Greene and the most extreme MAGA wings of his caucus. 

The Washington Post: “To aid in his quest to clinch the speakership, McCarthy has promised to restore committee assignments for Greene and Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.), add more members to the influential steering committee and place Freedom Caucus members on their preferred legislative committees.”

Punchbowl: “In reality, McCarthy is willing to give the right much of what it wants.”

It’s no secret: Kevin McCarthy has completely lost control of — and is totally beholden to — his extreme MAGA caucus, and he has no one to blame but himself.