McCarthy’s Clown Show Keeps Rolling

Even after giving Madison Cawthorn a “talking-to,” it’s clear that Kevin McCarthy has no control over his clown show of a caucus. Kevin McCarthy has spent the last two years enabling, defending, and doing nothing to hold his members accountable for their disgraceful behavior – it’s no wonder he can’t control Cawthorn running his mouth.

Kevin McCarthy said that he was going to give Madison Cawthorn a talking-to for his latest incendiary comments. 

Politico: “Madison Cawthorn is going to get a talking-to from Kevin McCarthy over his latest volatile comment: that he’s seen cocaine use and gotten invited to orgies since arriving in Washington.”

But it turns out Kevin McCarthy still has no control over his caucus as Madison Cawthorn is now doubling down and even attacking McCarthy.

ABC’s Ben Siegel: “Cawthorn appearing to describe @GOPLeader and his GOP colleagues as ‘the mob’ here for criticizing his unsubstantiated claims that colleagues have invited him to orgies and to do cocaine in DC.”

This is not a bug, but rather a feature of Kevin McCarthy’s weak leadership. McCarthy has once again failed and his clown show of a caucus rolls on.  

CNN’s Melanie Zanona: “And for those keeping track at home, here are some of the things McCarthy has had to talk to his members about: orgy allegations, white nationalist conferences, jewish space lasers, and depictions of anime violence against Dems, to name a few.”