McConnell Enables, Praises Baseless Republican Attacks on Judge Jackson 

Every time we think Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans couldn’t possibly stoop any lower, they prove us wrong. While Senator McConnell’s hypocritical opposition to Judge Jackson has been no secret, new reporting this weekend confirms that McConnell not only enabled his caucus’s baseless attacks on a historic, well-qualified nominee, but he’s also openly praising them. 

Mitch McConnell praised Senate Republicans for using victims’ pain to push baseless, disgusting attacks on Judge Jackson that have been soundly debunked by legal experts across the board.

The Hill: “One Republican senator said McConnell leaned in hard on Jackson’s nomination. ‘He sought recognition and said, ‘I just want to thank the members of the Judiciary Committee for the great work they’ve done in exposing this judge’s radical record, and in particular her record on child pornography cases are alarmingly extreme,’’ the source said, recounting McConnell’s message to the conference.”

This comes at the same time that McConnell is pressuring senators to oppose a historic nominee who, even McConnell agrees, is well-qualified to serve on the Supreme Court.

Insider: “McConnell pressing GOP senators to oppose Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court nomination: report”

The Hill: “Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is putting public and private pressure on his Senate Republican colleagues to oppose President Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court, despite the historic nature of her nomination to be the first Black woman on the court.”

Washington Examiner: “McConnell: ‘No question’ Ketanji Brown Jackson qualified for Supreme Court”

Here’s the bottom line: Senator McConnell enabled his caucus to berate Judge Jackson with gross attacks and disrespectful behavior that the American people resoundingly find distasteful. 

Washington Post: “Americans strongly disapprove of GOP pushback on Ketanji Brown Jackson”

Insider: “52% of Americans disapprove of GOP handling of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings: poll”

Mother Jones: “Poll: Americans Really Didn’t Like How Republicans Treated Ketanji Brown Jackson”

Washington Post: “But the reviews of how Republicans approached Jackson’s hearings — and seemingly her record on child pornography cases, the main line of attack — are quite poor. Just 27 percent of Americans approve of their approach, compared to 52 percent who disapprove.”