McSally Complicit In Nielsen’s and Trump Administration’s Strategy of Separating Children from their

In advance of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Senate candidate Rep. Martha McSally's visit to the U.S. – Mexico Border in Nogales, DNC spokesperson Vedant Patel released the following statement:


​”While Secretary Nielsen and the Trump administration intentionally separate children from their families, literally ripping toddlers from their mothers' arms, Arizona Senate candidate Martha McSally has done nothing to prevent children from becoming victims under this administration. During a two-week span in May, nearly 700 families traveling with children were torn apart under Trump's new 'zero tolerance' policy. Children belong with their families where advocates can ensure their safety and representation. Families across the country, including Arizona, deserve a president, Homeland Security secretary and senator who embrace that and will stand up against cruel practices.”