Media Fact-Checks Trump’s Stock Market Claims


Trump: “Our stock market has reached an all-time high today, all-time high. Think of it. Nobody ever talks about it. They don't talk about it.”


Axios: Trump stock market performance eclipsed by Obama and Bush

“President Trump regularly boasts about the stock market's strong performance since his inauguration, including how the Dow Jones Industrial Average is at a record high. What Trump hasn't noted, however, is that Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush oversaw greater stock market expansion during their first six months in office, as judged by percentage growth of the S&P 500.”

Washington Post: President Trump keeps celebrating stock market highs. That’s a big flip-flop.

“The president has never explained his shift in position on the stock market, especially now that the Fed has raised interest rates three times since he was elected. He earns yet another upside-down Pinocchio for his flip-flop.”

MarketWatch: Obama trumps Trump in stock-market gains through July

“President Donald Trump has been tweeting more frequently about the stock market, whose record-setting performance has been one of the highlights of the 45th president. But it turns out, equities were advancing even more quickly in the early days of President Barack Obama.”

Yahoo Finance: Trump keeps reminding America how much he's helping the rich

46% of America aren’t in the stock market: Unfortunately for many Americans, they are missing out on the benefits of higher stock prices. According to a Gallup poll from May, just 54% of Americans have money invested in stocks, either through individual ownership or as part of a retirement account… But whether this rally is fueled by earnings growth in the U.S. corporate sector, hopes for tax reform, or a belief that we’re merely at the beginning of a new bull market run in U.S. stocks, it has undoubtedly benefitted the wealthiest Americans most.