MEMO: 50 Days Out ­ Together, We Win


To:      Interested Parties

From: Brandon Davis, DNC General Election Chief of Staff

Re:      50 Days Out – Together, We Win

With 50 days left in this campaign and early voting beginning in a few days, the Democratic National Committee is sharpening its focus on activating and mobilizing voters to elect Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and Democrats across the country. Our core message that we are “stronger together,” and that together we can build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top is resonating with voters. Donald Trump, on the other hand, continues to remind voters daily that he is dangerous, divisive, and when it comes to the economy, is concerned about promoting policies that enrich millionaires and billionaires like himself.


  • Last week the DNC transferred $2.5 million each to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee to support critical general election activities that will reach voters still evaluating candidates and engage and mobilize our base.
  • In partnership with the Hillary Clinton campaign, we have opened field offices in every state in the country, serving as hubs for critical grassroots activities like recruiting volunteers, phone banking, organizing meetings, and canvass operations. 
  • DNC staff have also deployed from our headquarters in Washington, DC to states that are key to winning races from the White House to the statehouse.
  • All of our investments are made in partnership with huge efforts by our state parties to create a coordinated campaign apparatus that will deliver victories in 2016. 
  • We are also making critical long-term commitments that will strengthen the party’s infrastructure to enact the Democratic Platform on behalf of hard working families in 2016 and beyond.  Key programs like our Victory Leadership Councils and “45 for 45” grassroots donor program will anchor the work that delivers well after Election Day.


  • Today, the Democratic Party re-launched its homepage to provide Democratic activists with a place to take action to elect Hillary Clinton and Democrats up and down the ballot. This new design is engaging and action-oriented, driving visitors to make financial contributions to the work ahead, volunteer, register to vote, confirm that their voter registration status is up-to-date, and speak out about why they are voting for Democrats this fall. Democrats are about action – we roll up our sleeves and ask what we can do. Learn exactly what you can do to have an impact on this election at
  • Today we also released a new video highlighting how Democrats are working hard to mobilize voters around the country to elect Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine, and Democrats up and down the ballot.
  • We share the Clinton campaign’s goal of getting 3 million people to register or commit to vote before Election Day. is a voter education and registration website we’ve developed to help reach that goal, and further empower voters to access the polls. Using IWillVote, voters can check their registration status, get registered to vote if necessary, update their registration information, and get the facts on voting in 50 states and the District of Columbia — all within minutes. will be continuously updated this fall to make sure voters are ready to cast a ballot on Election Day.


  • The DNC recently announced the launch of its state-based Victory Leaders Council (VLC) program. So far, State Programs have been opening in key states such as Arizona, Georgia, and Utah with additional states to be announced in the coming days. The goal of the councils is to help elect Hillary Clinton and win down-ballot elections this cycle and beyond.
  • Each Victory Leaders Council will include prominent individuals and elected officials, but also depend on grassroots activists who put elbow grease into electing Democrats up and down the ballot. They have already helped expand our ground capacity in each state, helping to deliver votes and volunteers to Hillary Clinton and down-ballot Democrats at every level of the ticket.
  • These structures will live on beyond Election Day to help President Hillary Clinton enact her policy agenda, and support Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections — strengthening our majorities in Blue States and flipping Republican majorities.


  • The DNC and the Clinton campaign are building the most advanced and robust voter protection programs in history – an effort that includes recruiting thousands of attorney volunteers to protect the most sacred right we share: the right to vote.
  • Democrats recently reached a settlement in our lawsuit against Maricopa County, Arizona that will make it easier for residents to vote. Maricopa County miscalculated voter turnout and underestimated the number of vote centers needed to accommodate voters during the March presidential primaries. Maricopa County agreed to a number of suggestions offered by Democrats to better ensure that voters aren’t subjected to unacceptably long lines as a result of unsupported allocation decisions. Additional claims are still outstanding.