MEMO: Republicans Don’t Want To Help People. Democrats Won’t Let Them Off The Hook

TO: Interested Parties
FROM: DNC Executive Director Sam Cornale
DATE: Thursday, October 7, 2021
RE: Republicans Don’t Want To Help People. Democrats Won’t Let Them Off The Hook

As we head into the final stretch of 2021, the contrast between the Democratic and Republican parties couldn’t be clearer – and it’s not a pretty picture for the GOP. 

Democrats are hard at work in negotiations to get to the finish line on passing the Build Back Better agenda and the bipartisan infrastructure bill, a pair of historic investments that will create jobs, cut costs for families and keep the economic recovery going. 

Meanwhile, the GOP is hard at work proving that the American people were right last November. In a year that began with a violent insurrection egged on and defended by the leader of their party, the GOP has spent nearly nine months proving time and again that they have no interest in serving the people, and that there is no opportunity to help Americans that trumps their singular goal of obstruction for political gain. 

When Republicans had the opportunity early this year to work with Democrats to pass a critical relief bill in the darkest days of the pandemic, they instead stood unified in opposition to checks in the bank for American families, aid to small businesses, and money to safely reopen schools. They have refused to participate in work on an economic recovery that has added millions of jobs, and now, not only do they stand unified in opposition to a historic investment to create more jobs and help the middle class, they’ve shamelessly made clear that they’re willing to set the house on fire by playing politics with the debt ceiling.

The fact is that the Republican Party has done nothing to signal to America that their party is interested in governing. All they’ve done is prove that they are sticking to Donald Trump’s me-first, let the country burn approach to politics. 

Come next November, the American people will hold every last Republican accountable for throwing sand in the gears and standing in the way of policies that are critically important to our country.

Republicans are united in their opposition and obstruction to the Democrats’ popular agenda. Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • Every Republican in the House and Senate voted against the American Rescue Plan, which delivered historic pandemic-related relief to individuals, small businesses, families with children, and surged vaccines which are vital to putting this pandemic behind us once and for all. Republicans UNANIMOUSLY opposed checks in banks and shots in arms – a key part of the legislation which has led to historic job growth and brought us closer than ever to emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • House Republican leadership is whipping House Republicans to vote unanimously against the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which would make needed and historic investments in roads, bridges, rail and waterways, ports, and broadband – and despite bipartisan support in the Senate. For decades, there has been bipartisan agreement that our nation needs to make critical new investments in infrastructure, but House Republicans are prepared to bring down the entire bill in the hopes it will hurt Democrats and President Biden politically.
  • Every Republican in the House and Senate voted against the Build Back Better budget resolution, which is the blueprint for making the super-wealthy pay their fair share in taxes and making transformative investments in health care, childcare, homecare, eldercare, paid family and medical leave, and reversing the effects of climate change. This is the agenda Joe Biden ran and won on. This is the agenda that gave Democrats the majority in Congress. It’s the agenda the American people want.

Americans support Democrats’ efforts to deliver for them and oppose the Republican Party’s unanimous opposition. Don’t take our word for it:

  • From broad bipartisan support for infrastructure to the Build Back Better agenda and making the wealthy pay more of their fair share, Americans support Democrats’ efforts and oppose Republican obstructionism.
  • A new Quinnipiac poll found that large majorities of Americans support the bipartisan infrastructure bill (62% – 34%) and Democrats’ Build Back Better agenda (57% – 40%).
  • recent survey found that a majority of voters (54% – 43%), including a majority of independents (58% – 37%), across 13 key states and dozens of battleground districts support the Democrats’ Build Back Better agenda.
  • Another recent poll found that 56% of voters in battleground states and in 37 competitive House districts support the Build Back Better agenda — and even in seven Trump/Democrat districts voters 53% of voters support it.
  • Voters are also overwhelmingly in support of Democrats’ plan to pay for the Build Back Better agenda by raising taxes on the rich and corporations with 68% and 62% support respectively.
  • The American people see through the Republican Party’s games and, as a recent survey found, know that the Democratic Party is the party for the middle and working class while the Republican Party is for the rich.

It’s pretty simple. The American people not only support the Build Back Better agenda that will lower costs for families, but they overwhelmingly support funding these programs by making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. They also support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which Republicans plan to vote against despite their own prior support for it. Democrats have a vision, Republicans don’t, and voters know that.