Michigan GOP Follows Trump’s Playbook: Messiness, Money Mishaps, and MAGA Extremism

As Michiganders head to the polls today for special elections that will decide control of the state House, the Michigan GOP remains entrenched in madness. As they face incessant infighting, ongoing money problems, and continue to support unhinged and extreme candidates, there’s no question that the Michigan GOP has abandoned Michigan voters for Trump’s MAGA extremism. 

Here’s the MAGA mayhem Michigan voters will remember at the ballot box today: 

This year, Michigan MAGA Republicans grew so dysfunctional that the Republican National Committee itself had to get involved – not a good look in a battleground state at any point, let alone an election year.

NBC News: “After weeks of infighting, no one knows who’s in charge of the Michigan Republican Party.

“Kristina Karamo, who was elected chairwoman last year, insists she still has the job, even after a sizable group of state party committee members voted to oust her this month. She refuses to leave the post, even as the opposition’s pick to replace her, former Ambassador Pete Hoekstra, issues statements under the state party logo declaring himself the chairman.

“The leadership crisis has resulted in chaos and confusion in what’s expected to be a top battleground state for control of the White House and Senate in 2024.


“Hoekstra welcomed the RNC’s involvement and vowed to move ‘full steam ahead’ in the role he says is rightfully his. Karamo’s team, meanwhile, responded to the letter with defiance. The impasse continues.”

The Michigan GOP’s infighting was followed by reporting that it’s flat broke, with the party unable to pay off its numerous debts or build up the skeletal infrastructure left behind by its previous leadership – and the Trump campaign doesn’t seem to want to help in any way, with little investment in the state so far.

Associated Press:  “The Trump campaign and its partners at the Republican National Committee haven’t yet made significant general election investments in the state, according to Michigan Republican Party Chairman Pete Hoekstra. The national committee, he said, hasn’t transferred any money to the state party to help bolster its operations heading into the general election. There are no specific programs in place to court voters of color. And there’s no general election field staff in place.”

Detroit News: “The new leader of the Michigan Republican Party says his administration is having trouble taking control of the state GOP’s website and tracking down computers that are reportedly worth $113,000, seven months before a pivotal presidential election.


“It’s also unclear when Hoekstra’s administration will get full control over the Michigan Republican Party’s longtime website, www.migop.org, and its official Twitter handle, @MIGOP.”

Bridge Michigan: “The state party had just $35,000 left in its bank accounts as of mid-August, according to leaked statements first reported by The Detroit News. Karamo has since said the state party took out a $110,000 loan to pay a speaker for  September’s Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, which had traditionally been a profitable fundraiser.

“The party is now facing  ‘imminent default’ on its line of credit, according to a warning from state committee member Jessica Barefield, one of two Republicans who resigned from the Michigan GOP’s internal budget committee this month.”

Bridge Michigan: “The Michigan Republican Party is in default on a $500,000 loan and ignored a recent demand for immediate payment, according to a new court filing from Comerica Bank. 

“‘The MRP has not responded to the Demand Letter and, as of the date of this Motion, has been in default for over 120 days,’ bank attorneys wrote in an Ingham County Circuit Court response as the state party seeks control of its former headquarters for potential sale.

“The bank’s renewed notice of default, dated Dec. 12, detailed more than $10,000 in accrued interest and $707 in late fines for missed payments on the $509,009 loan principal.”

In peak extremism, the Michigan GOP continues to be rife with MAGA Republicans who oppose abortion without exceptions and spread dangerous, racist views.

Michigan Advance: “Josh Powell, a candidate for a special Michigan House election this month, said during a GOP event that he opposes all abortion ‘“without exception’” — and, if elected, is open to repealing the state’s landmark abortion law.


“Powell then responded: ‘Yeah. No. I mean, personally, I’m 100% pro life. I know Prop 3 kind of takes away the choice in the Legislature, but if there’s any opportunities to go that route…’


“The attendee then asked: ‘But on principle, 100% pro-life, without exception?’

“‘Yeah. Me personally? Yeah,’ Powell responded.”

Detroit News: “A Michigan Republican state lawmaker is taking heat after alleging ‘”illegal invaders’” were loaded Wednesday evening from airplanes at Detroit Metro airport onto buses that had pulled on the tarmac.

“But the buses, in fact, were brought planeside to transport men’s college basketball athletes arriving in Detroit for the NCAA Tournament’s Sweet 16 tournament games at Little Caesars Arena, the airport said in a statement. The teams arrived midweek; the games are Friday.”

Detroit Free Press: “State Rep. Josh Schriver, R-Oxford, lost his staff and his spot on a legislative committee as punishment for sharing a social media post amplifying a racist conspiracy theory.


“Last week, Schriver shared a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, from right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec with a graphic with the text ‘The great replacement!’ showing a world map with white human figures in the U.S., Europe and Australia and black human figures dotted across the rest of the land. Tate and lawmakers from both parties condemned Schriver’s post.

“The conspiracy theory asserts that there is a coordinated and clandestine effort to replace white populations in majority-white countries, and has been described as racist and a ‘paranoid narrative,’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”