Mike Pence and Rick Saccone are Two Peas in an Anti-Worker Pod

Today, Mike Pence will join the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, Rick Saccone, on the campaign trail in Bethel Park. DNC spokesperson Elizabeth Renda issued the following statement in response:


“Mike Pence and Rick Saccone will have plenty to bond over at today’s campaign event in Bethel Park – they’re both anti-worker and consistently put big corporations and the 1% ahead of hardworking families. Saccone continues to put big businesses ahead of Pennsylvania families by repeatedly voting to allow corporations to outsource Pennsylvania jobs – with devastating results for the local economy and small businesses. Meanwhile, Mike Pence, a champion of the ‘right to work’ laws Saccone embraces, has earned the ire of labor unions across the country. With the corporate, anti-worker agenda he’s made the centerpiece of his campaign, it’s obvious Saccone would be nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Trump-Pence agenda in Congress, fighting for millionaires, billionaires, and corporate interests at the expense of middle-class families.”