Mike Pence Keeps Campaigning for Election Deniers

Mike Pence keeps trying to have it both ways by claiming credit for doing his constitutionally required duty — while also boosting not one, not two, but THREE election deniers within the past month alone.

Just take a look at the people Mike Pence is stumping for: Pence headed to New Hampshire to stump for GOP Senate candidate Don Bolduc on the FIRST day after his primary — the same man who said that “Trump won the election, and damn it, I stand by my oath!”

AP: “Last month, Pence was in New Hampshire for Senate nominee Don Bolduc, a retired Army general who also spent his primary campaign telling voters the race was stolen from Trump.”

Pence then made a swing through Arizona last Tuesday to endorse one of the most extreme election-denying candidates on the Senate GOP slate: Blake Masters.

Washington Post: “Pence has said Trump was ‘wrong’ to pressure him to reject the electoral college votes… But as Pence has begun laying the groundwork to run in 2024, he isn’t seeking to make opposing Trump core to his political brand. Last week, Pence appeared in Phoenix to endorse Senate candidate Blake Masters of Arizona.”

Last Thursday, Pence made a pit stop in Georgia to fundraise for Burt Jones — the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor who was part of the effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election. In a recent interview, Jones doubled down on his extreme plot to subvert the will of the people, which is now under active investigation by both local and federal authorities.

Washington Post: “Pence also led a fundraiser for Burt Jones, the Republican nominee for Georgia’s lieutenant governor who was part of the effort, now under local and federal investigation, to submit phony electors claiming Trump won the state in 2020. In a recent local news interview, Jones said he stood by signing the false certificate, explaining that he understood it as a procedural measure in case the Trump campaign succeeded in court, and he wouldn’t acknowledge Biden as the legitimate winner.”

And that’s to say nothing of the other extreme Republicans he’s elevated during this cycle — including Lee Zeldin, the GOP Congressman running for governor of New York who voted against certifying the results of the 2020 election.

Washington Post: “[Pence] also helped raise money for Lee Zeldin, the Republican running for governor of New York who in Congress voted against certifying the electoral college results.”

Let’s be perfectly clear: Mike Pence can’t have it both ways — the candidates he’s stumping for makes clear that he is as extreme as they come.