Mike Pence’s Group Running Ads to Pass Extreme Abortion Ban

Mike Pence’s nonprofit is shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to help pass an extreme abortion ban in Iowa before many women even know they’re pregnant as Pence and the entire slate of 2024 Republicans continue to make clear that they won’t rest until they’ve completely ripped away Americans’ freedom to make their own health care choices and force women and girls to give birth in EVERY state across the country. 

Pence’s group is pouring money into passing Iowa Republicans’ latest extreme abortion ban.

Stephen Gruber-Miller, Des Moines Register: “Advancing American Freedom, a nonprofit founded by former Vice President Mike Pence, is spending $25,000 on ads and texts encouraging Iowans to contact lawmakers to tell them to vote for the six-week abortion ban the Iowa Legislature will take up in tomorrow’s special session.”

Pence has promised to sign a national abortion ban that bans abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant and wants to entirely outlaw abortion pills.

Wolf Blitzer: “Would you support a six-week ban nationwide?”

Pence: “Well, of course. Look — I’m pro-life. I don’t apologize for it. I believe that we’ve got to do everything in our power to restore the sanctity of life to the center of American law. And I’d support federal legislation in that regard if I was in the Congress or had any other job here in town.”

Pence: “I’d certainly support a heartbeat bill, a six-week bill.”

Pence: “If I was in [Congress] or in a job at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue and they put policy in front of me to limit abortions in the country, I’d certainly support it.”

Jezebel: “Former Vice President and rumored 2024 presidential contender Mike Pence said ‘we need to’ ban abortion pills in audio obtained by Jezebel. The comments came during a book signing event on Monday in Houston, Texas.”

CBS News: “Mike Pence says he wants abortion pill mifepristone ‘off the market’”

Pence’s political group has previously called on Congress to pass an extreme abortion ban bill that would threaten doctors with jail time for providing care and legislation that could open the door to ban Plan B and some forms of birth control across the country.

Advancing American Freedom Agenda: “We are calling on the 118th Congress to reintroduce these important measures and send them to the President’s desk to be enacted.”

TIME: “Fetal personhood laws could also impact contraception access, given that some members of the anti-abortion movement argue that IUDs and the emergency contraception Plan B can prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg and violate personhood, explains Mary Ziegler, an abortion law historian.”

WESA: “Kelly’s ‘Heartbeat Protection Act’ would essentially ban abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy — a time by which a pregnancy may not even have been detected. … the bill provides no exception for pregnancies arising from rape or incest.”

The rest of the 2024 Republican field is also hellbent on banning abortion nationwide.

The Messenger: Would you sign a six week abortion ban or not?

Trump: “I’m looking at all [options].”

DeSantis: “Dobbs returned the issue to the elected representatives of the people. And so I think that there’s a role for both the federal and the states.”

Newsmax: “Your colleague in the Senate – also your colleague from South Carolina – Lindsey Graham is pushing for a 15-week federal abortion ban, something that’s going to be an issue come the next election. Would a President Scott sign that bill into law?”

Scott: “Every day, I would sign that bill into law. I would sign the most conservative pro-life legislation you can bring to my desk.”

Meg Kinnard, Associated Press: “Yes of course I would sign’ federal ban, Haley says.”

USA Today: “Presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he would sign into law a 15-week national abortion ban if he were president, a departure from his previous stance when he said the issue should be left up to individual states.”

Wall Street Journal: “[Suarez] said he would support a national ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions for rape, incest and the life of mother.”
Will Hurd: “If a 15-week abortion ban came to my desk, I would sign it.”