Millions of American Families Are About to Get Help, No Thanks to a Single Republican

This week, the expanded Child Tax Credit starts to hit the bank accounts of millions of parents across the country – a move that is projected to cut child poverty in half. While President Biden and Democrats are delivering, every single congressional Republican worked tirelessly to block critical help from reaching these families and their children by voting against this relief after a year of challenges.

HuffPost: “How Progressives Fought To Put Money In Parents’ Pockets — And Won”

  • “Congress had passed an expanded version of the child tax credit as part of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, President Joe Biden’s signature COVID-19 relief bill. The new policy is only a fragment of the sweeping bill, but it could be life-changing to families.”
  • “Key to the longevity of this program is the way Democrats set it up. Not only is this child tax credit fully refundable so that poor families could benefit from it and child poverty could be cut, they also increased the benefit overall. Politically, it’s going to be really difficult for lawmakers to let the credit expire and increase taxes on that many people.”