Mitch McConnell Chooses China Over American Jobs

Mitch McConnell is threatening to kill bipartisan legislation designed to bring American manufacturing jobs home while making the United States more competitive against China in a ridiculous and reckless act of political gamesmanship in order to ensure drug companies can keep charging exorbitant amounts for life-saving medicine.

What is McConnell threatening to tank? Bipartisan legislation that would bring our economy into the 21st century, create thousands of jobs, and is overwhelmingly supported by the American people.

And what has McConnell so riled up? Democrats are working to pass legislation to lower costs for families, cap prescription drug prices, and ensure the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. 

Roll Call: “Senate Democrats are scraping together a last-minute plan to let Medicare negotiate prices directly with manufacturers for some prescription drugs ahead of the midterm elections, according to a summary of the plan obtained by CQ Roll Call.”

NBC News: “Senate Democrats are close to a deal to lower prescription drug costs as part of a larger party-line package to advance a number of President Joe Biden’s economic priorities, three sources familiar with the negotiations said.”

Lest we forget, McConnell and Senate Republicans tried to use reconciliation to gut the Affordable Care Act and ultimately used it to gift billions of dollars to big corporations and the ultra-wealthy.

Atlantic: “Republicans planned to push their bill through using a process known as reconciliation — which has a lower, 50-vote threshold for passage — and with the help of Vice President Mike Pence in the event of a tie.”

American Progress: “Then, in 2017, the next time they gained a trifecta, Republicans used the reconciliation process to enact more tax cuts, signed by President Donald Trump, which the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated shortly after their passage would cost $1.9 trillion over 10 years”