Mitch McConnell: The GOP Has No Agenda And No Plan To Help Working Families

Color us shocked. According to a recent report, Mitch McConnell is telling donors and Republican lawmakers that the Republican Party currently has no policy agenda and no plan to put one together. Instead, the Republican Party remains focused on trying to undermine President Biden’s agenda that will help build our economy back better, lower costs for working families, and put this pandemic behind us once and for all.

Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party have no policy agenda, and they aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they’re totally uninterested in helping working families. 

Axios: ‘McConnell: No legislative agenda for 2022 midterms”

CNN: “Mitch McConnell’s 2022 agenda? Do nothing.”

Washington Post: “The GOP agenda for 2022? There isn’t one yet.”

MSNBC: “McConnell: No interest in crafting an agenda ahead of 2022 midterms”

 Vanity Fair: “According to Axios, Mitch McConnell has been telling donors and fellow lawmakers that Republicans will not be releasing a legislative agenda ahead of next year’s vote — a reflection of the utter nothingness at the heart of the GOP.”

And what exactly have Republicans been up to instead? An all out civil war, blocking critical nominees to score cheap political points, and voting against lowering health care, child care, and prescription drug prices for families. 

Esquire: “There wasn’t a single Republican vote for universal pre-K, for extending both the child tax credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit, for $150 billion in housing funding, for $10 billion in food assistance for poor children, for lower prescription drug prices, for expanding coverage under Medicaid, and for a whole bag of investments aimed at confronting the climate crisis. Not a single Republican. Not one of them.”

The Hill: “Just two weeks ago, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) urged Republicans to stop attacking each other after 13 moderate GOP lawmakers were marked as traitors by some of their conservative colleagues over their votes for the bipartisan infrastructure bill championed by President Biden.  […] Weeks later, conservative and ultraconservative lawmakers are again making headlines with schoolyard insults on Twitter.”

HuffPost: “Republicans have stalled dozens of President Joe Biden’s nominees from being confirmed across several departments, including those in charge of putting criminals behind bars, supporting small businesses and maintaining national security.”