Mnuchin Heads to Ohio to Promote Trump’s Tax Giveaway at the Expense of the Middle Class

In advance of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s visit to Columbus, Ohio this afternoon to promote the Republican tax plan, DNC spokesperson Mandy McClure released the following statement:

“Despite widespread agreement that the Trump-Republican tax plan would actually raise taxes on many middle-class families, Donald Trump’s loyal puppet Secretary Mnuchin is jetting off to Ohio to pitch his boss’s damaging proposal. This Republican tax plan is a complete rip-off for the millions of Americans who will see their taxes go up. In order to pay for their massive giveaway to the wealthiest among us, Republicans are throwing working people and families under the bus by cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education, and other programs Ohioans rely on every day.

“In addition, the Republican tax plans will cost American jobs by incentivizing big corporations to move American jobs overseas and making it harder for small businesses on Main Street to compete. Frankly, it’s outrageous that Mnuchin and Ohio Republicans can talk about this harmful tax plan and helping working Americans in the same breath. Mnuchin has already acknowledged that the Republican tax plan contains provisions that would overwhelmingly benefit the rich, and as one of the many multimillionaires in Trump’s cabinet, he stands to profit immensely and can’t – or won’t – comprehend the catastrophic consequences for Ohio’s working families if this tax plan becomes law. Ohio taxpayers deserve a balanced tax reform plan that strengthens our workforce, and creates economic opportunities for all. It’s long-past time for Republicans to get serious about actual tax reform and join Democrats in promising that not one penny in tax cuts should go to giant corporations or the 1 percent.”