More Ohio Layoffs Coming After Trump Promised To Save Their Jobs

Trump broke his promises to bring manufacturing plants and jobs back to Ohio. Instead, Trump gave General Motors massive corporate tax cuts, incentivized offshoring, and GM laid off thousands of their workers. Now, as the community continues to struggle to get by, even more workers are being laid off because of Trump’s failures.

Trump promised to bring manufacturing plants and jobs back to Ohio.

Trump: “I said, those jobs have left Ohio. They’re all coming back. They’re all coming back. Don’t move, don’t sell your house.”

Trump: “We are going to fight for every last American job. It’s time to remove the rust from the rust belt—to usher in a new industrial revolution. We are going to do it.”

Trump: “Jobs will return, don’t you like the sound of that? Incomes will rise and new factories will come rushing onto our shores.”

Now, after GM idled plants and laid off thousands of workers, even more workers are losing their jobs at the Lordstown plant as a result.

WFMJ: “A company that previously announced it was laying off 39 employees who worked inside the General Motors Assembly Plant in Lordstown, now says it is laying off 40 more workers.”

Meanwhile, workers and communities continue to struggle to get by after Trump’s broken promises.

“Everything they asked us to do, we did. And still, we don’t have a product to build.” – GM Lordstown local union leader

“We did everything they want. This is their payback.” – 24-year GM Lordstown worker

“For our city, this hit to our budget is phenomenal. It’s not a one-time hit of $800,000, it’s year after year, after year, of that money.” – Hamtramck city manager on GM’s plan closure

“If they’re gonna leave and abandon that building, we as a community are going to be left with that carcass of a building, and the chemicals that are seeping into the waterways.” – Detroit resident