More Than 156 Million Americans Have More Money In Their Pockets. ZERO Republicans Supported It.

Today, more than 156 million Americans have as much as $1,400 more in their bank accounts thanks to President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. With more shots in arms and checks in pockets, it bears repeating that every single congressional Republican opposed speeding up our return to normalcy.

Since March 12, roughly $372 billion has been issued, helping Americans make their rent or mortgage payments, put food on the table, or pay the bills.

Associated Press: “The Treasury Department said Wednesday it has issued more than 156 million payments as part of President Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief plan, including 25 million payments that were primarily to Social Security beneficiaries who hadn’t filed 2019 or 2020 tax returns. The direct payments of as much as $1,400 per person were the cornerstone promise of Biden’s $1.9 trillion package to contain the pandemic and revive the U.S. economy. Roughly $372 billion has been paid out since March 12, a sum that likely boosted hiring last month as Americans had more money to spend.”

Millions of Americans across the country have already felt the impact of receiving stimulus checks, which has helped pay their bills and keep their businesses alive.

Colorado small business owner: “It’s keeping our dream alive.”

Arkansas cancer survivor: “It has kept a roof over my head and kept my lights on.”