More Than Half Of Black Americans Are Jobless

Today’s jobs report shows how badly Trump has failed the Black community. Fewer than half of all Black adults  now have a job. Trump promised Black communities would see amazing results under his watch, but it’s not happening.

BROKEN PROMISE: Both as a candidate and as president, Trump has promised the Black community an “incredible” and “amazing result” under his watch.

TRUMP: “If African-American voters give Donald Trump a chance, by giving me their vote, the result for them will be amazing. Look how badly things are going under decades of Democratic leadership. Look at the schools. Look at the poverty. Look at the 58% of young African-Americans not working. 58%. It is time for a change. What do you have to lose by trying something new? I will fix it. Watch. I will fix it. You have nothing to lose. Nothing to lose. It is so bad, the inner cities are so bad you have nothing to lose.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Charlotte NC, 8/18/16]

TRUMP: “To those African Americans and Latinos suffering in our country, I say, very simply, what the hell do you have to lose? Vote for Donald Trump. I am going to fix it. I am going to fix it. It can’t get much worse, and I say it, what do you have to lose? I’m going to fix it.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Prescott AZ, 10/4/16]

TRUMP: “Before the virus, African American unemployment reached its lowest level in history and African American poverty reached its lowest level in history. We never had more people from the African American community working in this country. It was almost—in terms of total, almost 160 million people. And African Americans set a new record out of that 160 — African American unemployment and employment was the best. […] And then, we had the plague flow in from China. And now we’re doing it again. And you’re going to see some incredible numbers. Starting in June, July, you’re going to see some incredible numbers because it’s coming back and it’s coming back fast.”

REALITY: Black unemployment fell less than 2% in Trump’s first three years after declining by over 9% under the Obama-Biden administration from its recession peak. 

Washington Post: “In follow-up interviews, many said former president Barack Obama deserves more credit for the improvement in the unemployment rate, which declined from a high of 16.8 percent in 2010 to 7.5 percent when he left office.”

Washington Examiner: “While the December 2019 black unemployment rate ticked up slightly to 5.9%, it reached just 5.4% in August and is down from 7.5% at the start of Trump’s term in January 2017.”

REALITY: Black workers have disproportionately suffered from job losses during the pandemic.

USA Today: “Black Unemployment 2020: African Americans Bear Brunt Of Economic Crisis Sparked By The Coronavirus.”

New York Times: The coronavirus recession has hit black Americans particularly hard, amplifying racial inequalities that may worsen as the economy begins what is expected to be a slow climb back to where it was before the crisis. Black Americans have been slightly more likely to lose jobs or income in the recession that took root as states locked down their economies. They are more worried about the financial toll from the virus than white Americans and have far fewer resources available to ride it out, given that they earn less money and have had less ability to build wealth. And they are dying at higher rates from the virus than whites.”

REALITY: The number of African-American business owners dropped 40 percent from coronavirus – yet Black business owners have struggled to secure PPP loans from the Trump administration.

Washington Post: “The number of working African American business owners in the United States plummeted more than 40 percent as the coronavirus shut down much of the economy — a far steeper drop than other racial groups experienced, according to an analysis confirming fears the pandemic would deepen inequalities in the business world.”

Reuters: “Adding to the problem, the report said, the SBA did not collect any demographic data when issuing the loans, so it is unlikely it will ever know how many loans went to underserved borrowers. The inspector general said the SBA could ask for ‘optional’ demographic information when borrowers apply to have their loans forgiven under the terms of the program.”

REALITY: Black Americans were disproportionately left out on the benefits from Trump’s tax scam.

New York Times: “As a result, the average tax cut going to a white American household is more than double one going to a black or Latino one.”

New York Times: “White Americans earn about 77 percent of total income in the United States, but they are getting nearly 80 percent of the benefits of the individual and business tax cuts generated by the new law, the analysis found. African Americans received about 5 percent of the benefits, despite earning 6 percent of the nation’s income.”