Mueller’s Investigation Gets One Step Closer To Trump

Trump’s longtime lawyer and “fixer” — and a former deputy finance chair of the RNC — was sentenced to serve three years in jail, including for crimes committed at the direction of the president to influence the outcome of the presidential election, and lying to Congress to protect Trump. This is as far from a witch hunt as you can get.

Trump has tried to delegitimize Mueller and the investigation at every turn, but the facts are NOT on his side. As more information continues to come out, and Cohen says he will continue to cooperate, it’s clear Mueller still has more work to do.

Here’s the latest on Mueller’s investigation by the numbers:

  • Over 100 criminal counts, so far.

  • 33 people and 3 companies have been indicted.

  • 16 Trump associates, including family members and senior aides, had contact with Russians during the campaign or transition despite Trump’s denials.

  • 5 members of Trump’s inner circle have pleaded guilty.

  • 3 Trump associates are still awaiting their sentences.

  • Trump’s former campaign manager is in custody awaiting his sentence.

  • Trump’s former deputy campaign manager is awaiting his sentence.

  • Trump’s former national security advisory will be sentenced next week.

  • 2 Trump associates have now been sentenced to serve jail time.

  • Trump’s personal lawyer was sentenced to serve 3 years in jail.

  • Trump’s former foreign policy advisor already served 14 days in jail.