Mulvaney’s CFPB Takes Aim At Students & Fills Trump’s Swamp

This week, we once again saw how Mulvaney’s CFPB epitomizes Trump’s swamp and prioritizes corporations over the people it is supposed to protect.


Mulvaney shut down the office that focuses on student loan protection.


Washington Post: “Mick Mulvaney takes aim at consumer bureau’s student protection unit”


Associated Press: “Trump's CFPB is shutting the office that focuses on student loan abuses”


Mulvaney’s reorganization will further prioritize businesses over consumers, and give him greater control over the bureau he wants to gut.


Wall Street Journal: “Mick Mulvaney has tightened his control of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with a reorganization that will place more emphasis on evaluating the economic cost of the agency’s actions and bring more of its operations under direct supervision of his handpicked staff.”


Mulvaney has tried to keep secret complaints against banks that bankrolled his campaigns.


Washington Post Wonkblog:“Mick Mulvaney does not want you to see complaints against banks that bankrolled his campaigns, report says”


Washington Post Wonkblog: “In the speech, Mulvaney also took aim at the consumer watchdog agency’s complaint database, which contains more than 1.5 million complaints from consumers about their credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages and other financial arrangements. […] A review of Mulvaney’s campaign contributions finds some overlap between the two issues: Eight of the 10 companies subject to the most consumer complaints about their banking practices contributed to Mulvaney's political campaigns, according to a report by Public Citizen, an liberal consumer rights group, scheduled to be released Tuesday. Nineteen of the top 30 contributed $140,500 to Mulvaney.”