Napolitano and Perez Slam Trump for Failing to Keep Americans Safe

During a DNC War Room press call today, former Arizona Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and DNC Chair Tom Perez discussed Trump’s visit to Wisconsin and how Trump has made America less safe by ignoring the deadly COVID crisis, encouraging chaos, and fanning the flames of hate and division.

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano:

“This is Donald Trump’s America. He is the incumbent president, and under his failed leadership, what we have seen is really a demise in public safety at its most basic level. We’ve seen a pandemic get out of control at the cost of over 180,000 American lives. Over 6 million already diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, and he still has no plan, no plan for public health and public safety. How, as a country, are we going to deal with this pandemic under Donald Trump? Vice President Biden and Kamala Harris have a plan. It is a thoughtful, executable plan that will lead to success against this pandemic. And under President Trump, there is no plan.

“There is no plan for how to deal with the issues of structural racism that we have seen erupt around the country — in the wake of the Floyd murder in Minneapolis and continued with the issues around the Blake shooting in Kenosha. He has no way to help communities heal, to raise and discuss in a way that brings people to the table, brings people together so that we can hash out the issues. Vice President Biden has a history of doing just that.”

“We can be a country that comes together, that grapples with our fundamental issues, that deals with public health crises like the pandemic in a reasoned and thoughtful way. Or we can continue to be a country divided, a country that is riven with a virus, a country that is unsafe. I think the choice is clear, I think the choice clearly is to elect Vice President Biden and Kamala Harris to lead our country. And really as a former governor myself and former Secretary of Homeland Security, I just can’t be critical enough of how President Trump has handled these matters.”

DNC Chair Tom Perez:

“The first priority of every president is to keep the American people safe. And Donald Trump has failed this fundamental duty spectacularly. The United States just passed 6 million COVID-19 cases. Over 183,000 Americans have died from this pandemic. And yet there is still no plan from this president. Millions have lost their jobs and their savings. Our economy is in the worst recession since the Great Depression.”

“Donald Trump hasn’t even bothered to change his tee time. And when he isn’t lining up his next putt, he’s been fanning the flames of division. Just yesterday, in fact, Donald Trump defended one of his own supporters who has been charged with murdering two people in Wisconsin — just as he has defended white nationalists in Charlottesville, VA. This president has stooped so low he’s staring up at rock bottom.”

“At a time when we desperately need a leader who can bring us together, Donald Trump continues to do nothing but sow division. He advocated violence against peaceful protestors, rather than condemning the racial violence that launched these protests in the first place. I may not work at DOJ anymore, but I didn’t spend most of my career prosecuting injustice only to see a demagogue cheer it on from the White House.”