NEW ADS: Floridians Share Why They’re Voting, Encourage Neighbors To Make A Plan To Vote

Today, the Democratic National Committee released three new digital ads featuring Florida voters, who share why they’re voting this year and encourage Floridians to make a plan to vote as soon as possible. The ads are running on digital platforms like YouTube.

“I’m a first-time voter in the U.S.,” said Carlos, a Miami resident. “I became a U.S. citizen last year. Voting this year is so exciting. I’m very emotional, because democracy doesn’t work without us.”

“This election is absolutely critical, because the country is divided right now,” said Tanya, a Lauderhill resident. “I’ve never seen it this divided in the over forty years that I’ve been here. And so, we need to come together again as a country. That’s why it’s important for people to vote.”

“Our vote is our power,” said Jonathan, a Miami artist who created a mural highlighting the importance of voting. “People have died for us to have this opportunity to do this. For our neighborhoods, for our representatives — you have the opportunity to be part of that and to vote the people that you would like in power.”

The videos direct viewers to — Democrats’ comprehensive voter participation website — to find out more about their voting options and make a plan to vote.