New Data: Fewer Americans Have Health Insurance Under Trump’s Watch

New Census data shows that fewer Americans had health insurance last year, even before the coronavirus hit. This new data confirms that the percentage of Americans with health insurance continues to decline under Trump’s watch. Now, during the pandemic when Americans are relying on the Affordable Care Act for lifesaving care regardless of preexisting conditions, Trump is fighting in court to overturn the law and to take health care away from millions more Americans.

Fewer Americans had health insurance last year before the pandemic hit, continuing a period of reversing gains made under the Affordable Care Act.

Washington Post: “Fewer Americans had health insurance last year before pandemic struck, Census report shows”

Washington Post: “Though the reasons are sharply debated, the new data signify that the first three years of President Trump’s tenure were a period of contracting health insurance coverage, which could have left more Americans exposed financially and reluctant to seek medical care when the pandemic hit this year. They reversed gains that began near the end of the Great Recession and accelerated during early years of expanded access to health plans and Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act.”

More Americans are relying on Medicaid during the pandemic while Trump is fighting in court to terminate the ACA and end Medicaid expansion.

Washington Post: “Medicaid rolls swell amid the pandemic’s historic job losses, straining state budgets”

Washington Post: “Caseloads had risen on average 8.4 percent through July in 30 states for which researchers have enrollment information. And in 14 states with enrollment data through August, the average is 10 percent.”

Associated Press: “Trump is trying to persuade the Supreme Court to toss out ‘Obamacare,’ but as long as it remains the law his administration has to carry out expansions that states approve.”