New Data: Skyrocketing Drug Prices ‘Leading Contributor’ To Increase In Consumer Expenses

Trump has tried to take credit for lowering drug prices, but the reality is that costs continue to skyrocket. New data released today shows that prescription medication costs were the leading contributor to an increase in consumer expenses last month.


Americans across the country continue to struggle with skyrocketing drug prices:


“It's frustrating to have to deal with, but to add on the major stress of ‘can we even afford this to keep our child alive’ should never be there.” – Arkansas parent of a child with diabetes.



“I could end up in the hospital, so I have to make that sacrifice of spending $300, even it it's just to last me for 5 to 7 days.” – New York resident with diabetes.



“There were times when I didn't have insurance and I had to make it last. so I would nurse it as much as I possibly could. And I've been to the emergency room. I didn't have the medication. I didn't have the money.” – Mississippi resident with diabetes struggling with the spiking cost of insulin.



“It’s very frustrating. You can’t have any type of continuity and the prices keep changing.” – New Hampshire resident