NEW DNC AD IN FLORIDA: America is “Back on Track” Thanks to President Biden

Today, the Democratic National Committee released a new 30-second television ad in the Miami media market “Back on Track,” that highlights President Biden’s success in getting America back on track with vaccines in arms, stimulus checks in hand, and a million jobs created.

“The American people elected President Joe Biden to guide our country out of one of the worst public health and economic crises in our history, and there is no question that he is delivering for Floridians. Thanks to the president’s leadership, more than 200 million vaccine doses have been given, more than 150 million stimulus checks have been delivered, and our economy is on the rise,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “Thanks to the leadership of President Biden and Democrats in Florida, America is on track again and we’re building back better than ever.”


The new ad is the latest step the DNC has taken to make sure Floridians know that President Biden is delivering on an agenda that is overwhelmingly popular with a bipartisan majority of voters.

Earlier this month, the DNC unveiled a billboard in Orlando to thank President Biden for delivering much-needed relief through the American Rescue Plan — no thanks to Senators Rubio and Scott. In March, a digital billboard in Spanish and a TV ad went up in Miami, highlighting how President Biden and Florida Democrats have delivered real, tangible results for Floridians and their families by making the American Rescue Plan a reality, while Republicans like Senators Rubio and Scott stood in the way.

“Back on Track” Transcript:

NARRATOR: He’s delivering.

Three million shots a day.

Two hundred million doses so far.

One hundred fifty million stimulus checks delivered.

A million jobs created — More jobs in the first two months than any administration in history.

Plans to rebuild America’s roads and bridges.

And create 2 million more jobs funded by corporations paying their fair share.

President Biden: getting America back on track.