New DNC Ad in Pennsylvania: Trump’s SCOTUS Nomination Continues His Attacks on Protections For Preexisting Conditions

The DNC War Room released a new television ad in Pennsylvania today, “Samantha,” that highlights the story of Samantha McGovern, the mother of a child with a preexisting condition whose family members survived COVID-19.

The ad, which will air in Pittsburgh, blasts Trump for his effort to rush a Supreme Court justice confirmation so he can strip away health care protections for more than 5.4 million Pennsylvanians with preexisting conditions, like COVID-19 and cancer, during a pandemic.

“There is not a day that has gone by since this started that COVID does not terrify me. Seven million people have gotten it — and three of them are in my home,” said Samantha McGovern in the ad. “My daughter has chronic lung disease, so that made all this very scary for us. What also scares me is Donald Trump trying to let insurance companies deny health coverage or charge more because of a preexisting condition. Trump is rushing through a Supreme Court nominee to do just that, strip away care from millions of Americans and end preexisting condition protections.”

“Tragically, Samantha’s story isn’t unique. Families across Pennsylvania are grappling with the fear of being denied coverage in the middle of a pandemic and the fear of not being able to afford life-saving health care,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “Instead of keeping his promises to Pennsylvanians, Trump’s using the Supreme Court to try and strip away coverage protections for people with preexisting conditions and spike the cost of life-saving medicine, even in the midst of the coronavirus. Health care is a defining issue of this election, and Pennsylvanians will hold Trump accountable for his record.”

The ad will run in the Pittsburgh media market on cable as part of a six figure buy.


McGovern lives in Springfield, Virginia, with her daughter Josephine and her husband. Josephine was a micro-preemie, born at exactly 24 weeks gestation, 1 lb., 12 oz., and 12 inches long. As a result of her early birth Josephine had poor lung development. Her initial hospitalization was 13 months, and included heavy sedation. At the time of discharge, she was vent dependent, which resulted in delays in walking, eating, and speech. Josephine relies on the Affordable Care Act’s preexisting conditions protections to receive the care that she needs.

Learn more about Samantha and her family here.