NEW DNC AD: ‘Red Handed’

The DNC War Room is releasing a new television ad today, “Red Handed,” that blasts Trump for lying to the American people about the severity of the coronavirus. The ad contrasts how Trump publicly downplayed the threat the virus poses to children, while privately admitting its dangers to journalist Bob Woodward.

“Trump’s lies about the coronavirus have had deadly consequences, as over 190,000 Americans have lost their lives and millions are experiencing painful economic consequences,” said DNC War Room senior spokesperson and advisor Lily Adams. “Trump can try to spin this, but the truth is simple: He was caught red handed lying to the American people during an emergency and putting himself ahead of the safety of the nation. Americans are fed up with Trump’s failed leadership, his lies, and the chaos — and this November, they’ll hold him accountable.


“Red Handed” will air in battleground states and on cable in D.C. It is the 11th ad the DNC War Room has released since June to hold Trump accountable for his failed record.