NEW DNC AD: “Tested Positive”

The DNC War Room released a new television ad today, “Tested Positive,” that highlights how, even after contracting the coronavirus, Trump continues to put lives at risk by ignoring experts, holding in-person superspreader events, and lying to the American people about the threat of the virus.

“Trump ignored the advice of experts, didn’t contain the pandemic, and endangered American lives with all his lies — even after he tested positive for COVID himself,” said DNC War Room Senior Spokesperson and Advisor Lily Adams. “Now, as new cases surge, Trump is still claiming the virus will disappear and refusing to act, while the American people pay the price.”

“Tested Positive” will air in battleground states and on cable in Washington, D.C. It is the 14th ad the DNC War Room has released since June to hold Trump accountable for his failed record.