NEW DNC AD: ‘Trump Crisis’

Ahead of Trump’s speech at the RNC, the DNC War Room released a new television ad, “Trump Crisis,” comparing Trump’s promises in his last convention speech to the disastrous reality he’s caused for families today.

“Donald Trump’s chaotic leadership and divisive rhetoric has been a disaster for Americans. His failures have led to over 180,000 deaths, left millions unemployed, and decimated our economy,” said DNC War Room senior spokesperson and advisor Lily Adams. “During his 2016 convention, Trump himself spoke against the same sort of chaos he has caused in our country. It’s clear to Americans that we can’t afford four more years of Trump, and while he continues to lie to the American people, Democrats will keep talking to voters about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ plans to bring this country together to solve the crises facing our nation.”


On each day of the Republican National Convention, the DNC War Room has focused on a different crisis Trump’s chaos has created or made worse. Efforts have included daily briefings with key stakeholders, paid television and digital advertising, holding Trump and RNC speakers accountable for their lies and misinformation, events in battleground states, and more.

Today’s ad is the latest television ad by the DNC War Room to hold Trump accountable for his chaos and failures. Since June, the DNC War Room has launched “Descent,” “Played,” “Exploding,” “Wolves,” “This Is Not a Test,” “Connect the Dots,” and “Republican National Chaos.”