New DNC Ads Highlight GOP Putting Seniors’ Medicare and Social Security at Risk

This morning, as new polling shows the GOP plan that could sunset Medicare and Social Security after 5 years is “universally unpopular,” the DNC launched new ads targeting seniors on Facebook to make sure they know that Republicans could put their hard-earned benefits at risk. 

The ads come as part of a push by the DNC to communicate directly with voters about Republicans’ plan that could raise taxes and sunset Medicare and Social Security. Since NRSC Chair Rick Scott announced the plan in March, the DNC and state Democratic parties have held events blasting the plan in swing states, including WisconsinPennsylvaniaMichiganNorth CarolinaFlorida, and Georgia, launched a digital ad buy in key states highlighting how the plan could raise taxes, and bracketed an event where Scott was promoting the plan. 

Here’s what they’re saying about the new ads:

National: Roll Call: New senior-focused ads from Democrats hit Scott’s plans for Medicare, Social Security

“Democrats are launching an ad campaign targeting seniors to highlight Republican Sen. Rick Scott’s push to have Congress to reauthorize legislation every five years. The proposal in the 11-point plan from Scott, a Florida Republican and chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, is the focus of Facebook ads funded by the Democratic National Committee aimed at seniors in Senate battleground states. The ads feature questions from a Fox News Channel anchor about whether Scott’s plan would ‘sunset’ Social Security and Medicare, or require Congress to vote periodically to keep the programs running.”

Wisconsin: Up North News: Not Letting It Go: National Democrats to Keep Hitting Ron Johnson on GOP Plan to Raise Taxes

“In a new ad that started running on Facebook Thursday morning, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) uses the words of Fox News Sunday anchor John Roberts as he interviews Sen. Rick Scott, the Florida head of the Senate Republicans’ campaign committee and author of the plan. Scott is seen as Roberts recites the plan back to him, but never heard.”

Florida: Florida Politics: Democrats bet seniors won’t like Rick Scott plan to ‘rescue America’

“‘Florida seniors depend on the Medicare and Social Security benefits they’ve been paying into for decades to access life-saving care and afford basic necessities — and Republicans are putting their right to these hard-earned benefits in jeopardy. Without these crucial programs, more than 4.6 million Floridians could stand to face higher costs, and Democrats are committed to spending every day between now and November making sure that voters know it,’ said DNC States Communications Director Brooke Goren.”

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Capital-Star: New Dem ad in Pa. hits GOP plan to sunset Medicare, Social Security

“A new Democratic National Committee ad, launching today in Pennsylvania and seven other, key battleground states, keeps up that drumbeat of criticism, warning a critical audience — seniors on Facebook — that their ‘hard-earned benefits’ are under attack by the GOP.”

Georgia: Atlanta Journal Constitution: The Jolt

“The Democratic National Committee launched an ad buy Thursday that targets older Georgia residents with messages attacking Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott’s tax plan. The ad, which will run on Facebook, highlights concerns that the proposal would raise the federal income tax for about half of U.S. residents.”