NEW: DNC to RFK Jr.: Now Show Us  More Medical History  and Your Tax Returns 

For the first time since the New York Times revealed a parasitic brain worm ate part of his brain and that he suffered years of cognitive damage from mercury poisoning, RFK Jr. has committed to releasing more information about his medical history.  In a newsy new interview with Brian Tyler Cohen over the weekend, RFK Jr. said, “I’m happy to give my medical records to the same extent that the other candidates did.” 

RFK Jr. has so far delayed the release of his medical records, tax returns, and his latest personal financial disclosure

In response, DNC Senior Advisor Mary Beth Cahill released the following statement: 

“RFK Jr. can’t be trusted to tell the truth. After repeatedly changing his story about the parasite that ate part of his brain and his cognitive damage from years of mercury poisoning, we’re heartened that he has committed to releasing more information about his medical history.    

“While he’s at it, he should also release his tax returns, which he has conspicuously failed to share with the public during his more than thirteen months of campaigning. If RFK Jr. has nothing to hide, he should be more than willing to follow tradition and release his tax returns rather than walking in  Donald Trump’s footsteps.”